4 Reasons A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home


Besides being a therapeutic activity to some people, cleaning has a lot of health benefits to you and your family. You can always take up the cleaning task and do thorough house cleaning and when you need a vacate cleaning you can always hire an end of lease cleaning Melbourne professional to do all the hard work for you. Here are reasons that justify that a clean home is a healthy home;

  1. Reduces Germs Spread

Home Cleaning Tips

A clean house means lesser germs which translate to better health. Keeping your kitchen countertops clean helps reduce germs and bacteria spreading into your food and the utensils. It is recommended that you use a disinfectant when cleaning your kitchen countertops and the faucets, and always sanitize the cleaning sponges and cloths after use. Ensuring a clean kitchen reduces the risks of food contamination which leads to food poisoning. Also, bathrooms are considered some of the most germ-ridden places in a home. Bathroom faucet handles, flushes, and toilet seats should always be cleaned and disinfected to avoid germs build-up.

  1. Reduces Allergies

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Some of the major culprits for allergies and asthmas in a home environment are pet dander, mold lurk, and dust mites. Garages and basements tend to be naturally damp areas in the house, so it is recommended to clean them often and allow for aeration to reduce dampness in these areas. Cleaning will also prevent dust mites and pet dander from harboring in your beddings, carpets, and upholstery. Just cleaning your house on a regular base, helps to keep you free from dust allergies and asthma symptoms which can be detrimental to your health or that of your children.

  1. Lesser Stress

Clean Home

Experts say that a dirty and disorganized home can lead to stress while a clean and tidy home makes one happier and stress-free. Also, experts have argued that the representation of your house most likely represents your feelings and emotions. What’s more, a cluttered and disorganized house can make it difficult to find something whenever you need it, and this raises your stress levels as well as fatigue. You will always be subconsciously reminded of the chores that need to be done if your house is always messy and dirty and this causes stress as well as fatigue.

  1. Wards Off Pests

Clean Home

Pests are the last thing you want to share your house with. Rodents and bugs will quickly multiply in a messy and dirty home because liquid spill offs and food debris are available to them. They can also easily hide in a house that is untidy. Keeping your house clean will go a long way to ward off cockroaches and mice which are the common pests in messy homes. Mice can be problematic and a threat to human health as they spread diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella. Cockroaches, on the other hand, are known to harbor oodles of parasites and bacteria which proliferate germs that cause gastroenteritis. It is always recommended to store food in air-tight dishes after every meal, wipe off any spill offs, and throw away trash to keep the pests away.

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