4 Reasons To Grow Healing Herbs In Your Garden


Grow Healing Herbs

It’s no secret that home gardening has become popular worldwide. The National Gardening Association released a survey in 2021 confirming that the COVID-19 pandemic produced 18.3 million new gardeners.

However, what’s more, interesting is that the same survey indicated that the gardening boom happened long before the pandemic started. It seems people were aware of the benefits of gardening before sourdough became the rage.

The most important reason people are starting hobbies in gardening is that caring for plants is good for the mind, body, and soul. So now’s a good time to begin nurturing plants in your home. Even better, why not start planting your medicinal garden? The benefits are manifold.

Care to discover what these benefits are? Read on and find out.

  1. Herbs Have Remarkable Medicinal Qualities

Since ancient times, people have used herbs to treat many medical ailments. Many of them have healthy nutrients and are chock-full of antioxidant properties.

Herbs not only help in boosting your immune system, but they also detoxify. One such plant is the Shampoo Ginger or Awapuhi Kuahiwi in Hawaiian.

The Shampoo Ginger is known for treating headaches, toothaches, cuts, and other ailments. Its juice is an excellent component of shampoo and conditioner. Neverland has a very detailed care guide for the Shampoo Ginger plant, which you can also grow indoors.

  1. Herbs Complement A Healthy Diet

Having fresh herbs available on demand makes it easier to practice healthier eating. After all, herbs are great for seasonings and flavorings, teas and beverages, and making salads. If they are always fresh and within easy reach, there’s no reason not to use them.

The vitamins and nutrients you can get from them will easily enhance your daily diet. Using your herbs also ensures that ingredients are fresh with no preservatives.

You’ll suddenly think of ways to add herbs to your dishes, making meal preparation an exciting activity. Herbs like mint, tarragon, and cilantro will add just the dash of flavor you want in your cooking.

  1. Growing Herbs Enhances Mental And Emotional Health

Growing calming herbs can affect the nervous system, reducing tension and relieving stress with their flavors and aromatic essence. Also called “nervine herbs,” lemon balm, catnip, and holy basil support the central nervous system, including the brain.

Herbs also restore balance and restfulness in the body. Add to that the bacterium found in soil called mycobacterium vaccae, which stimulates the production of serotonin.

You’re on your way to being happier and more relaxed while puttering about your herb garden. Please remember that herbs are not a panacea but are still good for mental health.

  1. Growing Herbs Helps Bring Aromatherapy Into Play

Aromatherapy is the practice of harnessing a plant’s essential oils. Scents have the power to soothe the mind. If equipped with aromatherapy knowledge, gardeners can make their perfumes and wellness elixirs.

With aromatherapy, you can relieve stress, use the oils as wound cures, enhance sleep, and be a pain reliever. For example, lavender promotes calmness and reduces stress, while mint oils can cure upset stomachs and help digestion.

Not all of us can learn the ins and outs of extracting oils. Use plants such as rose petals for a bath or lavender flowers for a sleep pillow instead. Enjoy the scent of fresh herbs and flowers, or smell the relaxing whiff of steam from peppermint and chamomile tea. These alone can give a sense of well-being and reduce anxiety.

Herbs You Must Grow

Here we also list other herbs that you absolutely must grow for their overall health benefits:

  • Parsley – helps the body get rid of extra fluid and salt, lowers blood pressure, and alleviates bloating. It’s quite an easy herb to grow, too. Use it as a garnish on soups and pasta, or add it to salads. You can also make a pesto or add it to smoothies for a flavorful boost.
  • Rosemary – combats inflammation and boosts the body’s immune system while improving blood circulation. It also helps improve memory. Put rosemary into your roast meat dishes, such as chicken and lamb, or have some rosemary tea.
  • Chives – many health benefits, including enhancing bone and heart health and helping protect against cancer and congenital disabilities. It also improves digestion and promotes a healthier immune system. Chives have a sharp but delicate flavor and are perfect garnishes for omelets or mashed and baked potatoes. It’s an ideal addition to potato salad, dips, fish, and other seafood dishes. They are also low maintenance and can thrive in containers and on the ground.


Taking care of herbs rewards your body by providing it with the best nutrients and healing it needs. And lest we forget, gardening itself exercises your body. Bending over plants, walking around them, shoveling their earth, and tending are good exercises.

There’s no time to lose – go and get that healing herb garden growing now!

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