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New Home In Brisbane

The majority of people seeking new homes in Brisbane have now discovered that it’s effortless to seek a new residential place using an agent. Looking for a house alone is a tedious exercise, involving a lot of searching, moving around, and negotiating tirelessly. Wendy Russell is arguably the best Buyers Agent Brisbane has seen in a long time. The company is well set up to handle customers who seek to get a new home in the city. It is still mesmerizing many how she gets to land so many customers for such a job. Her responses were all centered on customer service. Here are 4 tips that she believes have benefited her immensely.

  1. High Client Care

Wendy’s approach to the business is focused on top-notch client care. Her business is about prioritizing the client at all times. She notes that she can have up to 5 clients at a time, but none of them will anticipate that they are alongside other clients. Wendy believes in a business philosophy she notes as under-promise and over-deliver to the customer. Her clients always end up getting more than they anticipated because of her input. She does not delegate clients to other members of her team. She prefers handling her customers on her own to ensure maximum service delivery to them.

  1. Maintaining Her Local Networks

She takes pride in her longstanding local network of selling agents. She has worked with them for a time long enough to understand one another. She agrees that she has worked very hard to maintain her local connections with selling agents, who have since trusted her quality work. Her clients, both sellers, and buyers agree that she has taken a burden off their shoulders with her job. Her sustained connections benefit the buyers as they barely look far for houses in Brisbane. She acknowledges that it has given her access to even off-the-market stocks for her clients.

  1. Specialization

Wendy acknowledges the effect that specialization has brought her business. She notes that she is solely focused and devoted to helping her clients in premium homes and other investment purchases within the city. She does not care for other departments within her company, as this could broaden her perspective and damage the approach she has to serve her customers. Attempting to cover broader areas would require her to stretch her limits, and in the process, grow productively thinner in her original goals. Specialization has rewarded her with an endless flow of clients to attend to, for which she is proud.

  1. Guaranteed Services

Wendy Russell offers one of the best guarantee policies clients have ever enjoyed. She guarantees a high-quality job on her part, and if that is not met, the customer is refunded. The client’s engagement is reviewed at the end of the contract, and if the customer inspects the engagement as unsuccessful, the company reimburses her proportionately. In the event there is no outstanding result, she offers full reimbursement to the client. This, she attests, builds a sense of trustworthiness and confidence between her and the clients. She also allows either party to disengage from the contract if they feel they cannot put up with it.


When most buyers agents in Brisbane are struggling to know how they can keep afloat and challenge the market, Wendy Russell is having an easy time of it. She has acknowledged her status as being held in position by these four pillars of customer service. Identifying your client’s need and holding it dear to you is a sure way of success.

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