4 Reasons Why You Love Sunbrella Fabrics : Benefits Of Using Sunbrella Fabrics


When you own your own home, you may be tasked with finding indoor and outdoor furniture that can last. Good fabric needs to be able to hold up to stains, different harsh weather conditions and lots of use. The outdoors can be harsh on certain materials, and the indoor cotton-based fabrics cannot withstand the rain, whipping winds and blazing sun. When you want a type of fabric that can take on anything and is perfect for awnings, shades and even marine covers, you need material from a reputable merchant like Sunbrella. More about Sunbrella fabrics can be found on their website at www.sunbrella.com. Below are some top reasons to fall in love with Sunbrella fabrics for your indoor and outdoor uses.

  1. Fade Resistant

Most shoppers looking for fabrics intended for outdoor use want to know if it is fade resistant. When it comes to the fabrics offered by Sunbrella, you can rest assured the fabric can be left out in the sun without any fading to worry. Most fabrics are only dyed on the top layers. With this brand, the fabric is coloured to the core using colours that have UV-stable pigmentation. It ensures that the colour you choose for your fabric will be eye-popping year after year of use.

  1. Mould Resistant

Another great benefit of Sunbrella fabrics is they are mould resistant. This is most important when you are looking for outdoor fabrics for things like patio furniture, marine covers, and awnings. If you live somewhere where the environment is damp regularly, the mould-proof fabric will be a necessity.

  1. Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean Sunbrella Frabric

Maintaining the fabric is very easy and will usually only require some spot cleaning with mild soap and water. To maintain it regularly, you simply need to loosen any dirt on the fabric and then wash it with the soap and warm water solution. After cleaning the fabric, be sure to rinse it thoroughly and then let it air dry. If your fabric needs a deep cleaning, the fabric can withstand bleach cleanings. Each fibre in the fabric is saturated with colour to the core of the material. It makes it resistant to bleaching and fading.

  1. Blocks UV Rays From The Sun

Sunbrella Fabrics

When it comes to the powerful rays of the sun, the benefits of this fabric do not end at merely being fade resistant. The material is also able to withstand up to 98-percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It makes it the perfect fabric to consider for awnings.

These are just a few of the top benefits that you will get from opting for Sunbrella fabrics for use in and outside of your home. You will also be able to rest easy knowing that all purchases come with a five-year warranty. The company fully stands behind all of its products.

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