4 Refreshing Reasons To Install A Designer Freestanding Bath In Your Bathroom


Are you in the middle of designing or revamping your dream bathroom? If so, you may have encountered different types of bathtubs that you can add in your restroom. When you have options such as a hot tub, corner tub, built-in tub, or a freestanding designer bath, it can be quite challenging to decide on the perfect type of tub to fit your design aesthetic and personal preference.

Here’s a pro-tip to help you cut down your choices: Opting for a designer freestanding bath is a practical and unique way to give your bathroom the right amount of flare and breathing space it needs.

You don’t need an expensive bathtub to make your dream bathroom lavish and spotless—a freestanding bath can do just that!

Designer freestanding bathtubs are built with the highest level of durability to make sure it lasts long enough to preserve your bathroom’s unique aesthetic. It comes in different sizes and shapes for different styles and moods.

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to how they design and build their bathrooms. What they don’t realize is setting the right tone and arrangement for their restroom is an excellent way for them to express their personality and add a final piece that will help complete the overall appearance of their abode.

Compared to other types of tubs, a freestanding variant easily suits both extravagant and straightforward preferences. To give you a better idea on how you can enhance your bathroom’s design and space with a freestanding tub, check out the four advantages that this specific type of tub can bring to your home:

  1. Versatile Style

Versatile Style Freestanding Bathtub

Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who prefers more details, a designer freestanding bath can accommodate the style and arrangement that you have envisioned. You can have a plain white tub to balance out your bathroom or opt for a design with a more out-of-the-box shape. This type of bathtub is likewise available in different sizes, making it a breeze for you to enhance your bathroom without worrying about the amount of space that the tub will occupy.

  1. Easy To Install

Easy To Install

Built-in tubs usually require more people for it to be installed correctly in your bathroom. On the contrary, a freestanding tub is less hassling to mount. All you need is to ensure that the plumbing that goes directly to your bathtub is secure and set up well, and you can place it almost anywhere you decide to in your bathroom.

  1. Enables Smarter Use Of Space

Smarter Use Of Bath Space

When you choose the perfect size and shape of a freestanding tub, you can have a bathroom with limited space yet still feel cozy when you step inside. The same idea holds for bathrooms with more extensive spaces. Sometimes, too much space can be overwhelming—especially in the most “intimate” areas of a house. Freestanding baths can fit right in the corner, at the center, or by the window side of your restroom. It makes room for homeowners to position their bathroom in a way that’s both appealing and convenient for them.

  1. Promotes A Relaxing Vibe In Any Home

Relaxing Bathtub

Imagine returning home after a very long and tiring day. Taking a sweet, long dip into your very own cozy bathtub is just one of the best ways to cap off the day or week. The structure and versatility of a designer freestanding bath promote a luxurious and comfortable feeling that effectively makes homeowners feel peaceful and relaxed while indoors.

Do you agree with this list? How would you style your bathroom with a freestanding tub?

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