4 Signs That You Are In Need Of A Garage Door Repair


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It is common to use your garage every day, but homeowners end up assuming that their garage doors don’t need repair in the expected lifespan of the doors. An average garage door is expected to be functional for long. However, you may notice that your garage door is acting funny lately and wonder if you will repair or replace it. If you need garage door repair in San Marcos, CA, there are experts (repair companies) who you can rely on at any time. Below are four signs that will indicate if your garage door needs repair.

  1. Hard To Open Or Close

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If your door doesn’t open or close using the control button, it means that it needs repair. This problem may be caused by door malfunction or bad connection between the door and the control panel. However, before calling on repair company, you need to test your door again and make sure that nothing is preventing it from closing or opening. Also, try the controllers once more and ensure that the door is not moving at all.

  1. It’s No Longer Stable

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Generally, garage doors are stable and move smoothly on their tracks while n unstable one can fall off its tracks. Your garage door may not be working properly just because it’s unstable. This condition is realized when opening your door where it seems to be shaky. If your door is wobbly it doesn’t mean that your door requires a new door installation, a simple garage door repair can get it back on its tracks. It’s advisable you call a professional to put the door back on its tracks as this is a risky task and can result in injuries, damaging the door or the track system.

  1. Slow Response Time

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It is important to observe your door and see if it is responding to your commands right away. A fully functioning door will respond to your commands in one or two seconds. Typically, it should open or close smoothly without any delays or hitching. However, if it takes longer to respond or it doesn’t respond at all, it indicates that there is something wrong with your door opener or the door itself. Therefore, it is essential to have it inspected by a garage door repair professional.

  1. Making A Lot Of Noise

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Most garage doors are designed to operate smoothly and silently. However, when operating old garage doors, they make loud and strange sounds. A noisy garage door may be as a result of loose hardware, worn rollers, or the garage’s door opener itself. If the creaking or straining s excessive, you should call professional to come and inspect it.

Garage doors require regular inspection and maintenance. This is something that all homeowners should understand to ensure that the doors are functional and safe. If your door indicates the above signs, stopping using it immediately and repairing it is essential to ensure safety for you, your family and pets.

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  2. It’s good to know that it shouldn’t have a slow response time. My garage door has been responding slowly. I’ll have to look into hiring a garage door repair service.

  3. It really helped when you talked about garage doors and how to know if you need to get yours repaired! Recently, my aunt said something’s off with her garage door. My aunt mentioned her door’s making strange noises and taking too long to work, so I’ll be sure to share your tips with her! Thanks for the advice on what a well-functioning garage door must look and sound like! https://www.doorservpro.com/garage-door-repairs

  4. I like that you talked about how something may be wrong with the door opener or the door itself if it takes longer to respond or it doesn’t respond at all. I tried to open our garage earlier but I noticed that the door took quite a while to respond. I am afraid that there might be something wrong with the garage door, so I should probably call for garage door repair services as soon as possible.


  5. Our garage door has definitely made an uncomfortable amount of loud noise whenever we try to open it. I can see this as a big reason to get it repaired immediately since it’s very disruptive to the neighbors. I’ll go and look for a garage door repair expert immediately so they can lend us some assistance with fixing this as soon as possible.



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