4 Signs You Should Call A Tree Surgeon


Trees help us to refresh our ecosystem. They provide food, shade, and absorb pollutant gases. They also reduce the temperature and pollution in the air. Trees can also provide decoration for your garden, so it’s important to look after them.

When a tree starts to die or spread disease, it may affect the other trees around it. If you don’t interfere, the tree’s lifespan will likely be longer. But people tend to cut them down to construct buildings. Some major natural calamities can also destroy forests. More trees are removed than planted each year.

Whenever you see that one of your trees are in bad shape, the best thing to do is call a tree surgeon. Googling tree surgeon near me can solve your problem. And https://www.riversidetreepro.com can provide you this kind of service.

  1. The Tree is Dying

Tree Surgeon

Like all things, trees die. They have their lifespan. Some signs point out that a tree is slowly dying. Some of the most noticeable symptoms include:

  • Detached bark that’s falling off
  • Branches drying out and falling apart
  • During warm temperature, leaves fade slowly until there are no leaves left
  • The tree’s trunk becomes soft over time

When a sick tree dies, it may spread its sickness. Insects are often the main cause of a tree dying early.

If a tree gets old, it’s normal to have the disease. But the problem starts when the tree starts to die when it’s still young because of a random disease that you need to watch out for. If you don’t, it could destroy your whole garden.

  1. Mold, Discolored Twigs & Root Damage

Tree Surgeon Near Me

If your tree has mold, it could be caused by the leaves that have lost their color. Leaves sometimes get a burned color and dry out. This is a sign that you’re using the wrong chemicals on your tree. These can affect flowers, fruits, and leaves and infect the whole tree. If any part of the tree seems suspicious, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible before it spreads.

To find out if your tree has discolored twig, you need to look for a small stick or twig and break it in half. If it breaks and it’s green on the inside, then it’s good. But if it’s not green and requires more tension to break, then it’s not a good sign. You need to contact a tree surgeon immediately.

If the roots of the tree look thinner and some parts are damaged, then your tree may be suffering from damaged roots. Sometimes, these damaged roots are caused by a bacterial disease known as slime flux. These roots need to be treated as soon as possible because a tree gets its nutrients from the roots.

  1. Roots Growing into Pipes or Houses

A big tree has bigger roots beneath the soil. These roots need to dig deeper to get the necessary nutrients from the soil. They can spread anywhere and cause extensive damage. If this big tree is close to your property, it may result in some serious problems and block the sunlight from the rest of your garden’s plants.

The roots of the tree can come out of soil or even grow along with your house or water pipes. They follow the water source to get water for the tree. So they will eventually grow inside the pipe. These oversized roots can sometimes block off the drains and piping systems of your property. You’ll need a professional’s help to cut these roots perfectly without damaging or killing the tree.

Remember, you shouldn’t cut a big tree if it’s not creating any of these problems. Just take care of it and predict and prevent any hazardous situations.

  1. If The Tree Crown Is Becoming Too Big

Tree Trimming

If the growth of a tree gets out of control, it’ll cause some serious problems. The measurement of a large tree is called the crown size. These tall trees often fall over during a storm, and this can cause some major damage, so it’s better to get rid of it soon.

Consider the size of the tree crown. If it’s blocking the garden from sunlight, you have to cut it back. To cut this tree properly, you’ll need a good tree surgeon who will know which parts of the tree to cut safely.


If you can fix the problem, you don’t need to cut down your trees. That’s why a tree surgeon can save the day. They’ll check out your tree, consider what issues it may be causing, and come up with a solution. They have good knowledge of every kind of tree, quality equipment, and sprays that can help your garden get back to its standard, healthy look.

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