4 Small Improvements You Can Try For A Front Yard Makeover


Modern home design is all about curb appeal, and your front yard is right next to the curb. Try these tricks to give any dull yard a well-deserved facelift.

Trim Overgrown Trees And Shrubs

Trim Overgrown Trees And Shrubs

Overgrown plants look a lot more troublesome than they are. Pull out the pruning shears or hire a professional to get your greenery back in order. Your plants will be grateful to be free of those dead branches and excess weight; if you have the right type of shrubs, they might even start flowering again.

Trees and bushes frame your yard and change the impression it conveys. Once you’ve cleaned up the plant life, you’ll easily be able to see other necessary repairs and improvements. Continue to maintain your plants to keep your yard looking crisp and fresh.

Replace Old Landscape Rocks

Replace Old Landscape Rocks

Landscape rocks are a colorful addition to flower beds and walkways. Unfortunately, individual rocks tend to disappear with time; after a few years, that heap of stones might be reduced to a handful. The ones that remain will be dulled from exposure to weather and dust.

Use clean, new rocks to bring life back to your yard. Refresh your existing stones, or switch to an entirely different stone. You can also install gravel, mulch, or other landscaping materials. Consider color, texture, and longevity before you make your decision.

Fix Crumbling Porches And Walkways

Crumbling Porches And Walkways

Concrete tends to sink into the ground over time. It creates cracked and uneven spots on your driveway, sidewalk, and porch steps. The result is a home that looks significantly older than it is.

Luckily, sunken concrete can be easily repaired. Concrete lifting can elevate slabs back to their original position and patch up any holes or cracks. With a few repairs and a quick pressure washing, your driveway will look brand new again.

Update Lights And Fixtures

Update Lights And Fixtures

The gentle glow of your porch light defines your yard in the evening. Replace that rusty, dim light with a clean fixture and a fresh bulb. Add safety lights to your walkway and garden for an even more inviting look.

You should consider the state of your mailbox and house numbers. Some fixtures need a little paint or polish, but others are rusty or damaged and should be replaced. Don’t forget your garden; small fences, plant supports, and garden statues should all look clean and well-maintained.

Just like any other part of your house, your front yard benefits from regular maintenance and care. Complete necessary repairs and repaint anything that dulls with the weather; if you keep it up, your front yard will look amazing.

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