4 Solid Reasons To Invest In Home Automation Right Now


Home Automation

Do you have a smart device in your home? If so, you’re part of the estimated 83 million households that have a smart device. The Consumer Technology Association reports that 69 percent of American households have at least one smart home device. Smart home technology is famous — and for a good reason, too. Innovative technologies such as smart home security systems allow us to keep our homes safe, while smart thermostats help us create the perfect environment at home. Here’s why you should invest in home automation right now.

  1. Improved Safety

Data from The Consumer Technology Association shows that a top driver for smart tech purchases is peace of mind. Safety is a huge motivator. The most current smart home security systems are more advanced than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that smart home installation is hard or that smart home systems are difficult to operate. While you may opt for professional installation, today’s systems can be installed with a bit of DIY handiwork. Homeowners can easily take their home security into their own hands with a connected home security system. Many of the most popular home security options provide ultra-clear pictures and video and offer customizable features that allow users to lock and unlock doors or arm the home to protect against would-be intruders, all with the tap of a finger.

  1. Convenience

If you think robotic lawnmowers only exist in futuristic movies, think again. You can now sit back and enjoy a meal, ball game, or chat with friends while someone else — nay, something else — mows your lawn for you. Not just for entertainment, the most innovative smart home technology available on the market today is designed to make our lives simpler and everyday tasks like mowing the lawn a breeze. With apps and a Wi-Fi connection, you can effortlessly run your home with smart home tech. Ultimately freeing up time so you can tackle other projects around the house or spend more time with friends and family.

  1. Overall Cost Savings

Everyone likes to save money, and many of us would be happy to see the number on our bills shrink. In addition to improving the safety of your home and providing an overall convenience factor, smart home tech can save you money, too. For example, having smart lighting with long-lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs in your home can lead to decreased utility bills. And smart thermostats can do more than keep your home at the optimal temperature. These techy thermostats can reduce annual cooling and heating costs by 23 percent, according to Ecobee.

  1. Intuitive Insights To Personal Health

Wearable tech like smartwatches has given us insights into our health and activity levels. Additional smart home techs like smart beds and even smart scales take what your smartwatch does and amplify it to the next level. With a smart bed, you can easily see data about your sleep patterns and habits. Smart scales can help you track your weight by using 12 unique metrics that range from BMI and body water percentage to muscle mass and protein level. With smart home tech like this, you can take action to improve your health with the data these devices provide.

Is your home smart? Whether you’re aiming to improve your security or you’re working on your health, today’s most innovative smart home technology is there to help.

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