4 Space-Saving Hacks for Your Kitchen


4 Space-Saving Hacks for Your Kitchen

With a few affordable kitchen hacks, limited kitchen space goes a long way. That being said, our article below covers four top kitchen hacks for those with limited kitchen space—and little pocketbooks as well. Ready? Let’s go!

Hack # 1: Adding Counter-Top Space

Following are easy to implement, creative solutions for when you have more appliances and cookie jars than counter space to put them on:

Ever wonder what to do with all of those knives that you have thrown in a sliding drawer? If you hang a piece of wood on the wall and attach large-size or smaller-size magnet strips to the wood with some extra strong glue, you’ll have the perfect magnetic hanging knife rack on your kitchen wall.

A rolling kitchen cart standing up against a blank wall is an ideal method for adding more counter-top space. If you take it one step further and hang the above-mentioned magnetic knife rack on the wall above the cart, you’ll create a special spot in your kitchen for mixing your favorite cake batter. You may also opt to get a ready-made rack from fine online stores, with a reduced price thanks to 10% off Overstock coupons, and incorporate the rack as part of your overall kitchen design.

P.S. Don’t forget to get an over-the-counter microwave oven or coffee pot when you need to get one.

Hack # 2: Hide Your Kitchen Bulletin Board

What happens when you open a typical kitchen cabinet door? You usually start at dishes, bowls or glasses, right? However, using the inside, new cabinet door, and converting it into a kitchen bulletin board can be easily done by attaching attractive contact paper to the door and then using glue on magnets to hang clothespins, your bills, photos, coupons, and memo notes.

Hack # 3: Back-Splash Utilization

Putting your back-splash wall to use by drilling in metal hooks will make the ideal place to both hang and display pots, pot holders, or cooking utensils.

Hack # 4: Under the Kitchen Sink

If you need space to organize underneath the sink, then hang your plastic spray bottles by their trigger levers from a plastic tension rod or a short curtain rod stretched out horizontally. Along the same line of thought, you can also hang your rubber gloves or dish rags on attached hooks or brightly painted nails on the inside of your cabinet doors.

Bonus Tip:

If there’s no room for a dinette table with chairs, then create your breakfast nook in the kitchen by placing a cheerfully painted wooden board in front of window space. Viola! A couple of matching stools will create that special spot for snacks, a light breakfast, or a quick cup of coffee.

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