4 Steps to Help You Build Your Own Backyard Pond


Backyard Pond

When you look outside to the backyard, you might see an empty expanse that should be filled with some decoration. A natural attraction that you can build in the yard that the family can get involved with designing and caring for is a pond. Before you begin, find an area that is somewhat level with plenty of space in case you want to expand the lake in the future. Then, follow these four steps:

Making Your Plans

The first step is all about planning. You need to make a rough sketch of what you want the pond to look like, what you want it to include, and how big you want to make it so that you know where it should be placed. Think about your budget as well because this will help in determining the materials that you can use and what you can add to the pond, such as fish or plants.

Digging the Ground

Once you have a plan in place, you can start digging the ground where the pond will be located in the yard. It’s best to start by digging a few layers at a time. If you dig the pond too deep, then you risk using more materials than you have on hand, filling it up and leveling it off. A backhoe is often one of the best pieces of equipment to use when digging the area for the pond as it can get large amounts of dirt removed at one time.

Lining the Base

Your base can be made of just about anything. Many people start with a base of dirt before adding concrete or rocks. You want a solid base that will prevent the water from settling into the ground and depleting your pond over time. Once the base is in place, you can start lining the pond. This is often done by using a plastic liner, similar to what you might find in a pool.

Adding the Decorations

When the basic structure is complete, you can start filling the pond with water and adding the decorations that you want. If you’re adding fish, then you want to add them last so that they aren’t injured by the other items you add. Rocks and plants around the edges can give a natural look to the pond. A beautiful accessory to add is an aerating fountain, like those that Fountain Mountain Inc. has. The fountain could have lights on it to bring a glow to the pond, or it could be one that circulates the water.

Your backyard pond can be an oasis to look at while you’re sitting on a deck or only looking out a window. A pond takes a bit of planning, and you need to have the materials on hand when you begin the project. Once it’s completed, you’ll see that a pond can enhance the beauty of the home in only a short time.


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