4 Steps To Increase The Durability Of Your New Hardwood Flooring

On March 29, 2018 by Preeti Shah

Hardwood floors are supposed to last a lifetime because of their durability. There are common things that can damage them, and cause them to look worn. Here are some ways to keep your hardwood flooring looking like new for the next ten years.

Clean It Wisely

Hardwood Flooring
Remove the dirt from your floors using a broom or a dust mop. This will tackle most of the cleaning that needs to be done to keep your floors in good condition. Make sure to use a liquid cleaner that is specially designed for your hardwood. Don’t leave standing water or cleaners on your floor. This can soak into the wood and cause damage. Remember that it’s still wood. Wet wood can warp and become discolored with repeated water damage.

Limit Sun Exposure

Limit Sun Exposure On Flooring
Sunlight may seem like one of the most innocuous things for your flooring. UV exposure can cause your flooring to discolor. You may not notice this until you lift the area rug and see what your floor used to be. Invest in solar shades for your window treatments. This will protect your floor from the damaging rays of the sun. You won’t get the nasty surprise of not being able to rearrange your furniture due to different colored flooring.

Reseal To Protect

How To Protect Flooring
It’s recommended that you reseal your floors every three to five years. This is considered a maintenance coat. A thin coat of polyurethane can protect your floor for years to come. Another recommendation is that you sand and finish your floors every 15 to 20 years to maintain their beauty. Place door mats and rugs in high traffic areas to avoid inadvertent damage. You have to be proactive when it comes to making your hardwood flooring last a lifetime.

Watch Out For Things That Damage

Hardwood Flooring Damage
Pets’ nails can be devastating for your wood floors. Untrimmed nails can dig into the surface of the wood and cause deep gouges. Get your pet’s nails trimmed on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. You should also follow this example with yourself. Don’t wear heels inside the house. Your heels can be just as damaging to the flooring as your pet’s nails. Be mindful when it comes to dragging objects across your flooring. Use felt or rubber pads on your furniture’s feet to avoid this type of damage.

Your wood flooring can maintain its lasting beauty if you take a few precautions. Use these tips to keep your hardwoods looking amazing for the coming decades.

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