4 Things That Distract From A Beautiful Room Design


Fashion mavens swear by a trick. They say that you should do a random inspection before you leave and remove the first accessory that you see. The idea is that less is more, and that premise applies to homes as well. Here are four little things that distract from a beautiful room design.


Living Room
Symmetry isn’t always great. That’s especially true with home decor. When everything is on the same level, it all tends to run together. For this reason, you don’t want to buy a bunch of decorations that are all the same height. Similarly, you shouldn’t buy paintings and other accessories that are similar in size. The sameness will dull the senses. None of the items will stand out from the others, negating all the effort you expended in picking the perfect items. Avoid parallels when possible.


Minimalism In Interior Design
One of the most popular trends in modern interior design is minimalism. The explanation is simple. Clutter is a form of white noise in your home. When you have too many decorations on the walls, a guest in your home will struggle to distinguish any single item. Once again, everything will run together.

You must avoid clutter when possible. Instead, you should take a different approach. Do everything that you can to accentuate a few key decorations. Cast a critical eye at the current items on your walls. Which ones do you love? You should highlight them and remove anything that doesn’t move you. With less clutter, each item will have a spotlight and draw the attention that you feel it deserves.

Room Temperature

Room Temperature
As you’re planning your room design, don’t forget the basics. Did you know that even most museums use temperature controls to make each room feel as comfortable as possible? It’s true. Museums use computerized controls to keep room temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius, which is 64.4 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Their philosophy is that a patron should think about the art, not the climate.

You should do the same in your home. Thanks to Google Nest technology, you can create the ideal temperature settings. Your guests will feel comfortable when they visit. Since they won’t be obsessing about the temperature, they’ll have more mental energy to admire the decor in your home.


Elegant Room Decor
Do you have a favorite store for home goods? That’s only natural. Every chain tries to develop a style and tone that will entice customers to become frequent shoppers. Meanwhile, local stores offer a variety of unique pieces that show flair and novelty. You want to mix these items as much as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do the opposite. As creatures of habit, they develop a shopping routine. Part of this routine involves shopping at the same places. When they do that, they buy a lot of decor that looks similar.

To avoid this sort of decorative monotony, make sure to shop at lots of places. Try not to buy multiple pieces at the same place. Your decor will seem more diverse and engaging.

Elegant room decor is a lost art. You can bring it back into vogue by avoiding common design mistakes!


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