4 Things To Consider When Building A Log Cabin


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For many years, log cabins have provided a great place to live. They are natural and provide the warmth you need so that may not be feasible in a modern home. When constructed by an expert, their rustic appearance will give your home a natural look. However, the trouble is that building such a home may be hectic so you need to plan well. Here are the most important things to consider when constructing a log cabin.

  1. Your Budget

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If you do not have your savings, you may need a construction loan. So your credit score is quite essential here. It will affect the interest rate and the amount of money you are likely to get. Note that each square foot of a finished log cabin may cost you about $200. So depending on the size of the cabin, you should be able to work out the total cost of constructing the unit. Note that most of the money will be spent on labor. So you must find out how you can reduce the cost for labor by doing some of the things yourself. Tasks such as clearing the site, cleaning and staining the logs are simple. You can do them by yourself. So, decide whether you will pay the builder or do them by yourself.

  1. The Material to Use

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Once you have the budget and you have secured the funds, the next thing you need to do is to collect the material to use. You need to plan where to buy logs that can resist heat. Ensure that they have a higher R-value to guaranty optimal heat resistance. Logs with a higher R-value have many added benefits. They act as thermal batteries and play a significant role in conserving heat. So choosing the right logs will reduce the amount of money you spend on heating the home.

  1. Construction Method

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The method the builder will use to construct a log cabin matters a lot. Ensure that they have all the material they need to make their work easy. If you have experience in log construction, all you need to do is to hire a few people to work with. Your work will be to supervise the construction.

  1. The Location

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The location of the cabin log is the most critical consideration. It will determine whether the house serves the purpose or not. It also defines the size of the structure you end up with. So, you need to determine the location and get to the authorities to approve it. Also, there are local planning laws you need to adhere to. Find out what is required before you start the construction. Note that in some cases, the authority may not allow you to construct a log cabin in certain areas. So getting permission from the authority is critical.

Constructing a log cabin is not as difficult as building a conventional home. If you have a sketch of what you want to construct, let the builder give you the cost estimate. You may then help the builder build the home as you supervise the process.

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