4 Things To Consider When Designing A Driveway


Designing A Driveway

A successful driveway installation is typically the result of a careful design and effective installation, which meets the homeowner’s needs. When choosing a suitable driveway design and product, there are several things to consider.

In particular, make sure the chosen driveway product fulfills its purpose to a high standard is key to achieving a long-lasting and stylish design. With that in mind, we take a look at what you should be thinking about when designing a new driveway for your home.

Types Of Paving For Driveways

Updating your driveway is the perfect opportunity to choose paving that matches the aesthetic of your home. With so many different products now on the market, finding a style and finish that complements the exterior of your property is made easier.

Permeable block paving for driveways proves an ideal choice for the typical UK weather without compromising on aesthetics. Typically made from concrete, a greater collection of products and finishes is available.

Porcelain paving for driveways is an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners, providing a contemporary finish that can be suitable for some property styles. With a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, you can now access specialist porcelain systems that are suitable for driveway applications.

Quality And Style


The driveway offers the first impression of your home, so choosing the right quality and style to make that impression a positive one is essential. From contemporary modern blocks to traditional cobbled driveway paving, you have the chance to add an aesthetically pleasing yet practical pathway leading to your front door.

Today’s paving products can be created in various layouts and patterns to suit your style, with a great choice of colors from rustic, natural shades to clean, modern hues. In addition, both permeable and porcelain paving offer great performance, even in high-traffic areas, and are particularly low-maintenance.

Permeable paving typically benefits from ‘little and often’ maintenance, simply brushing away detritus such as moss, weeds, or silt to keep the surface in good condition. Similarly, porcelain paving requires a brush and soapy water to ensure it is well-maintained.


Having a driveway that lasts a long time is a must for many homeowners. Consider products that can protect themselves effectively from the elements for added durability, with a solid finish.

Porcelain paving, in particular, can offer qualities such as stain resistance, which can be beneficial in a high-traffic vehicular area that may be susceptible to oil and tyre marks. However, with a standard porcelain system, heavier vehicles may introduce a cantilever effect on the paving and could exceed the product’s flexural strength.

So long as you choose a specialist porcelain system, the product will counteract any excessive weight or risk of cracking.


Permeable paving, in particular, is designed to help prevent localized flooding and pooling water on a driveway. Thanks to the paving design, water is effectively drained away from the surface and allowed to soak back into the ground or navigated to a watercourse. Today’s permeable paving styles are designed with SuDS legislation in mind.

Together, these considerations can allow for a driveway design that complements the property’s aesthetics and is a functional solution for vehicle storage and easy access. Be sure to use an approved and accredited installer, as this can give you additional access to product and installation guarantees.

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