4 Tips For Creating An Outdoor Living Room


If you live for the summer months, where you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and warm sun on your face, then you are likely to spend a lot of time in your garden or outdoor space when you can. Creating an outdoor living room is the perfect way to extend your home and maximise the space you already have available and, luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can create an outdoor room without it costing a lot. It doesn’t matter if you have a large back garden or a small apartment terrace; all you need are a few basics and handy tips.

  1. Make Your Space Accessible

Outdoor Living

Situating your outdoor living room at the back of your garden may seem like a good idea if that location is near a shaded area or gets a right amount of sunlight, but once you have to walk to and from the house multiple times a day, you may soon begin to regret your choice of location. There are definite advantages of having your outdoor living room leading directly from your home, as not only are you extending your kitchen or indoor living space, but it is much more accessible.

  1. Make It Comfortable

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces may seem casual and carefree, but you are going to want to add some soft furnishings and textiles to make the area much more welcoming. Built-in or concrete furniture has a wonderfully modern appearance and is maintenance free, but if it doesn’t fit in with the overall feel of your home and garden, then it is hardly going to be a space where you want to enjoy a warm evening.

By choosing comfy loungers, six seater rattan garden furniture for when friends and family pop round, wicker garden chairs and oversized outdoor beanbags, your outdoor living room will feel as good as it looks. By having soft furnishings, you’re ensuring that you have an outdoor space which people will want to spend time in.

  1. Ensure There Is Plenty Of Light

Outdoor Living

One of the best things about having an outdoor living room is being able to enjoy the cool summer evening breeze that wafts across your face as you sit in your lounger – it is far more refreshing and cooling than a fan or air conditioning unit! If you want to make sure that your space is somewhere which can be enjoyed right into the evening, if you wish to dine al-fresco or entertain friends, then provide adequate lighting.

Installing outdoor lighting is easier now than ever, and solar lighting is something which is hugely popular and comes in many different styles and variations to suit your garden space. You can also use garden candles or even install an outdoor lighting feature.

  1. Add Some Privacy

Outdoor Living

When you want to spend time in your garden, you’re unlikely to want to be in view or neighbours or passers-by. Adding in some strategically placed shadings and privacy screens can give you all of the privacy and comfort of your home. Screens are portable and easy to switch around should you need privacy or shade from the sun, whereas some landscape plants can increase the overall look of your garden space while providing shade, privacy and an attraction for nature and wildlife. When done right, garden curtains can look attractive and add a splash of glamour to your garden. Choose fabrics which are suitable for the outdoors and are made from a cotton blend to dry quickly and protect against mould.

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