4 Tips To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Home

On June 12, 2018 by Jack Dawson

Lighting can make a room feel all sorts of ways. It can make it feel smaller, larger, warmer or even more dull. Choosing the correct lighting for your home can help you highlight the features that you are proudest of in your house. It needs a lot of attention to detail so that you don’t make a mistake. It can seem like an intimidating task since you need to choose what suits all rooms. You shouldn’t be worried. It doesn’t have to be so. Below are some guidelines to make it a worthwhile affair:

  1. Purpose

Perfect Lighting for Your Home

When choosing the lighting of a particular room, you should have the purpose in mind. What do you plan on doing in that room? Is it for reading, or the kitchen, dining table or the stairs? Some areas need better lighting than others. If it is a room for reading, ensure that you choose a good centerpiece that illuminates the study table well enough. For security lights, they need to be bright and be able to shine on wide space. When it comes to stairs, make sure they are well illuminated to avoid accidents.

  1. Position

Ultralux LED
You can determine what position to put your lighting fixtures depending on the purpose and architecture of the room. Freshome.com suggests that for high ceilings, you can use can light fixtures because they can be inserted into the ceilings. They give a range of lighting from subtle to bright. As for the walls, you can use LED Fixtures. You can put them on each wall or opposite walls depending on how big the room is. It will help provide enough light. When it comes to the formal dining room and living room, choose an appropriate chandelier.

  1. Taste

Energy Efficient LED Light Fixtures

When it all comes down to it, it’s your home. You are the one that spends most of your time there. For that reason, whatever lighting you choose should depict your style. When you were designing your home, you must have had an idea of what you want. Keep this in mind when choosing your lighting. Sometimes, it can get a bit difficult for you to put your ideas to practice. In that case, hire a professional interior designer. Tell them what you wanted and allow them to make suggestions for you. You can stick to what you approve.

  1. Children

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If you are designing your kid’s room, you need to keep their needs in mind. Children tend to be very hyper and active. For this reason, they need really good lighting that can be fixed either on the ceiling or the wall out of their reach. You can also get night lights so that the child is not scared of the dark. They will be enough to see in but will not keep your child awake. If it is an infant, remember that you should have a lamp for breastfeeding and changing their diaper in without waking them up.

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