4 Tips To Help Children Enjoy Their Post-Divorce Holidays


Post Divorce Holidays

Co-parenting is a challenge for every divorced couple. It requires much stamina and responsibility on both sides. But when you use divorce platforms not only for DIY divorce forms like OnlineDivorcer but also for co-parenting tips and applications, your co-parenting proceeds with less fuss.

Still, no challenges can be compared to the hurdles upcoming with organizing holidays for kids in a divorced family. Holidays bring up mingled emotions, both positive and negative ones. So, it is strictly required that parents can handle their feelings and emotions and cooperate well to arrange perfect holidays for their kids. The main thing is that both parents should take an equal part in holiday time with their kids and leave out touchy topics at least for holiday time. This way, children will feel to be loved and cared about by both parents and relish the holiday atmosphere in full.

  1. Cooperative Planning

Leaving divorce services and concerns behind, you are ready to set on planning your next holiday with your kids along with settling co-parenting plans. So that when the holiday time comes nearer, you will have all settled in your co-parenting agreement and schedule, and you will only have to agree on some details.

It is significant to share holidays equally. Your children will appreciate the presence and attention of both parents, if not simultaneously, then followed closely by. That is why you’d better not split a year in half to share holidays, but have your child around on the first day and pass them to your ex the very next day so that they can spend the very same holiday with both parents.

Mind not discuss holiday plans in front of the children, since you may agree not immediately, and your children will put the fault for holiday arguments on themselves. The same way. You should never ask children to decide between “mom” and “dad.” It can bring up a lot of stress and quarrels and ruin the holiday.

Make your best to keep the holidays going as smoothly as possible. And even if you fail to complete some tasks from your holiday list, don’t panic and just keep the children happy.

  1. Don’t Ruin The Holiday Atmosphere

Holidays are for sharing happiness and getting pleasure for you and your kids. You should put in some effort to create a holiday atmosphere and set strict rules not to ruin it.

Warn your guest not to bring up touchy topics in front of your kids, no discussion on how cheap divorce you had or how you are managing after the divorce, and no comments to the side of your ex should be passed over the table talk. Don’t try to interrogate your children on parenting skills or household details of your ex-spouse. Better have little private conversations about your children’s feelings and everyday issues; this way, you will show that you care and don’t pressure them.

It is a good idea to create some new holiday traditions or maintain old ones. This will create a special connection between you and your kids and give you even more fun. Encourage children t come up with fresh ideas on holiday traditions so that they will feel important to you.

  1. Don’t Overwhelm Your Kids

While planning kids to stay at your house for the holidays, you should consider not only your desires and needs but theirs as primary ones. It doesn’t mean children should handle the planning, but you can provide them with several options to choose from so that you will show how you care about their opinion.

Still, you should avoid stuffing up the holidays with activities, but give your children some personal space. This way they will be able to hang around with their friends, communicate with relatives, spend some careless time with you and so on.

It is also good when you let your children contact the other parent to let them share their daily experiences and feelings.

  1. Smooth Exchange

When signing superior court divorce forms, you have definite points on custody included, so there is no point in messing with handing the children from one parent to another. Your children are not going to be taken from you forever, just for the time assigned in documents or agreed on in the custodial plan; that is why making a drama out of kids’ exchange between parents is out of the question. This will only spoil the holidays for you and your kids. Their transfer should be smooth, and the feeling of the holiday should be continuous. If you cannot make it in person, ask a close friend or relative to take the children to another parent. Both you and your children should trust this person so that it doesn’t cause extra stress.

The main principle of your children spending happy holidays with both parents is excluding the feeling of being ripped apart between parents both emotionally and physically. So, do your best to plan carefully, organize thoroughly, and try to feel sincerely happy along with your children.

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