4 Types Of Chairs Every Household Needs


Chairs serve a practical purpose in our homes, but they also make a significant contribution to aesthetics. From time-honored designer pieces to the simplest wooden chairs, we all need plenty of seating options in every room of the house. While the sofa will likely be our first port of call at the end of a long day, accent chairs add depth to the room and create a more inviting atmosphere when entertaining guests.

With that in mind, here are four types of chairs every home needs to have.

  1. The Office Chair

The Office Chair

Some lucky people will have an office within their home, and even if you try to spend plenty of time working from a standing desk, you still need a chair on-hand for those mid-afternoon slumps.

Office chairs come in all styles and varying comfort levels, but normally they will not recline as the purpose of an office chair is to sit comfortably and complete work or similar sorts of activities.

If this chair to be used for a long period of time each day, it is even more important that it is designed ergonomically and positioned correctly to avoid any posture issues. The most popular type of office chair is a leather one with areas to rest your arms on.

  1. The Slipper Chair

The Slipper Chair

The slipper chair is not quite as common in the home, but when it appears, it will draw some welcome attention and create an inviting focal point within any room. This fabricated chair oozes with luxury and quality and perfectly complements the style and color of the rest of the room.

These are fabric chairs that you would normally see in living room areas or even within the bedroom.

  1. The Dining Chair

The Dining Chair

If you have a dining room or a kitchen diner, you are more than likely to have a dining table. Of course, the table itself will be the center of attention in this room, but, like a sofa without cushions, it wouldn’t make anywhere near the same impact if it weren’t for the chairs.

The size of the household and what you intend to do with this table will determine the number of chairs you get with this. People will normally purchase a table with 4 to 6 chairs in a set, although a rustic home creates the ideal palette for mixing and matching multiple styles for a more relaxed look.

  1. The Bar Stool

The Bar Stool

A stool may technically not be a chair, but it’s on the same path. Many modern homes will have a large kitchen area where people will place bar stools along an island or at a dedicated breakfast bar. These can be selected to fit with the style of your existing dining chairs or to add a colorful statement against the more neutral tones of your kitchen fittings.


With so many different types of chairs out there, there is no need to go with the default styles. Shop around and add some spice to the home with the different variations that are available.

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