4 Warning Signs You Should Tear Up Your Lawn And Start Fresh


4 Warning Signs You Should Tear Up Your Lawn And Start Fresh
The lawn is one of the essential features of the property that determines the appeal of the home. Homeowners need to maintain the grass and provide a high level of care to allow it to look healthy and ensure that it thrives each season. For those who have a dead or dying lawn, there are a few warning signs to look for to determine if you need to tear it up and start fresh.

Dirt Spots

According to greenlawnfertilizing.com, dirt spots that have become dead and where the grass isn’t growing is a sign that the entire lawn should be replaced. You can attempt to reseed the spots with products from companies like Central Farm and Garden as a final attempt before replacing the whole grass.

Too Many Weeds

Weeds are a common threat to yards and can quickly cause problems on the grass if they’re not pulled rapidly and grow at a fast rate. Too many weeds are a sign of too many weak spots that have developed in the yard due to poor care of the property. Homeowners can consider replacing the yard with denser turf to choke out the weeds and reduce the risk of having them grow back in the future.

It Wilts in the Sun

Your lawn needs to be torn up if it quickly wilts in the sun, especially during the spring and summer months. Although grass is durable and can withstand different weather conditions, it shouldn’t be fading with frequent sun exposure, according to noordinaryhomestead.com. Wilting can often cause the grass to become dead in a matter of days, making it impossible to grow back.

The Lawn is Spongy

The health and condition of the root system of your lawn will ultimately determine how well it thrives. When walking on a dormant garden, it should feel crunchy with each step that is taken. If the dirt feels spongy underneath your feet, it’s a sign that a pest has likely infested the lawn and is beginning to cause a significant amount of damage on the property.

By providing a high level of care for your grass, you can allow it to thrive and avoid the cost of replacing it with the right preventative steps that are taken throughout the year. There are many warning signs to look for if the lawn is dead or is deteriorating at a fast rate.

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