4 Ways SEO Can Boost Your Roofing Business



One business that never seems to dwindle throughout the years is a roofing business. Why? The answer is obvious. Everyone lives in a home or work in an office with a roof over their heads, and who better to call for maintenance than a roofing agency?

Roofing has had an impressive growth average of 2.7% a year between 2015 and 2020. In 2021, the same industry is expected to grow as much as USD 20 million. That’s a significant number! While most roofing businesses are working their way toward the top and finding innovative ways to design and make better roofing structures, it hasn’t stopped them from exploring an alternate world.

At present, 65% of business owners have invested in augmented reality solutions to improve their services. This option enables them to utilize programs that provide a much more accurate design and statistics. In short, it makes their lives easier and allows them to work faster and more efficiently.

Doing The Shift

With the pandemic at large, many business establishments were forced to consider exploring online options to keep their businesses afloat. This means roofing businesses didn’t make it into the safe zone—they had to adapt as well.

To make it clear, thousands of roofing businesses have probably taken the first step years back— that is, establishing a website to showcase their services. However, these websites might not have been properly optimized yet.

Now, it’s time to take action and invest in search engine optimization.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving your website to increase traffic and generate leads. It provides visibility to your site so that more people can see it when they search for keywords related to your business and services.

SEO Tricks To Optimize Your Site

If you want to optimize your website for your roofing business, read on to discover how.

  1. Upload Quality Content

To make more room for SEO, you need to upload quality content. This can be in the form of blogs—you can do quick 750-word articles or, better yet, long-form articles. Uploading blogs provides your website with fresh content. Likewise, blogs are mostly the reason why people stay on your site longer. They like to read about informative content.

If you keep up the good work and start generating more traffic, other website owners will also be interested in linking with your site because of your reliability. Links lead to leads. You can also work with agencies like https://livewireleads.com/ that offer lead generation services to ensure you never miss a job.

  1. Find Keywords

Now that you’ve already established your website and uploaded content, it’s time to brainstorm and research keywords related to your brand. Keywords are essential because they’re the bridge between you and your possible clients.

If you make a quick Google search about the best keywords for roofing services, you can see that there are over 50 best keywords you can choose from. This includes the keywords roof, roofing, roofer, and metal roof, where no less than 70,000 individuals search for. Imagine having 70,000 people interested in your service. Thus, it would help if you made sure the moment they search using these keywords, it’s your website they’re going to see first.

  1. On-Page Optimization

If you think keywords are enough, you’re in for a challenge. Another tip to improve your website’s SEO score is by doing on-page optimization. This means preparing your website to be used by people no matter what device they’re in properly.

When you prepare your site, make sure it’s accessible and optimized in both desktop and mobile form. Likewise, make it easy to navigate. Your buttons need to be easily seen so that your audience doesn’t waste time finding them.

  1. Link Building

Link building can be done in different ways. For one, you can contact other people with websites in the same niche as you. Present a couple of articles you have that would help their site, and ask them to use it as a link within their articles. This agreement is useful in case they want to do the same thing.

What most marketers do these days is to guest post to other sites. This means they write an article and post it on someone else’s website. This increases their reach and elevates the chances of having people visit their site. Thus, make sure your articles are of the topmost quality to entice people to click through links that will lead to your website.

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No matter what business you might be in, it’s crucial to optimize your site. Right now, a lot of people depend on the Internet to find things and get them done. In July 2020 alone, 81% of the global population utilized their search engines to find products and services. Thus, make sure to be aware of the different processes to improve your SEO and the benefits you can get from your efforts.

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