4 Ways To Afford A Plumbing Emergency


Plumbing Emergency

Overflowing toilets, burst pipes, or a rapidly flooding basement. These emergencies are highly stressful in their own right, but a big bill can make them ten times worse.

If your budget is tight, here are some ideas on how to field a plumbing emergency on a budget.

  1. Can You Borrow Money?

If you’re just shy of what you need, but payday is still too far away, you can look into cash advance loans. A cash advance fronts you the money until you get paid so that you can take on an unexpected plumbing emergency without a second thought.

Some cash advance payday loans are due back by your payday, which works if you have the expendable cash available. But if you need more time to get your budget back on track, the financial experts at MoneyKey recommend looking for longer terms.

If you can’t afford a payday loan’s turnaround time, a cash advance loan through MoneyKey in the form of an installment loan may be an option. With an installment loan, you’ll pay back what you owe over several payments (or installments) spaced out over multiple months.

This payment style might be easier to handle if things are tight nowadays, but you won’t know until you check your budget.

  1. Can You Fix It Yourself?

You might not even need to call out for an emergency plumber if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves. Some minor jobs are within your abilities to fix on your own, like a leaky shower head or a running toilet.

Take a look at some of these simple jobs you can tackle, bearing in mind bigger jobs are better left for a licensed professional.

For one thing, they’re trained to solve complicated plumbing issues. For another, sometimes a licensed plumber is a legal necessity, like when it comes to certain appliances or insurance plans.

Trying to fix an issue on your own can unintentionally cancel your insurance, null warranties, or levy fines if you rent an appliance.

  1. Ask Your Plumber For Financing

Financing is another option in the face of an emergency. Plenty of plumbing companies is willing to cut you a break, provided you’re polite and explain your financial situation clearly.

These financing plans are similar to installment loans in that you’ll pay off your invoice in multiple payments, spread out over time. And like many installment cash advance loans, these plans may come with fees and interest.

  1. Is It A True Emergency?

Calling out a plumber in the middle of the night — or on holiday — is the number one way to inflate your bill. Plumbers charge extra when they work outside normal business hours.

So ask yourself, is it necessary to get them rushing to your door on a weekend? There’s a good chance your plumbing problem isn’t as much of an emergency as it feels in the heat of the moment.

Not sure what constitutes an emergency? Here are some things you should never wait to resolve:

  • Sewage overflows, as this is a matter of health and safety
  • Leaks you can’t isolate by turning off a tap, valve, or meter
  • Flooding with or without an obvious source

Bottom Line

Remember these options if you face a plumbing emergency in the future. They can help you save some money while solving your issues fast.

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