4 Ways to Clean Up Your Curb Appeal for Summer


4 Ways to Clean Up Your Curb Appeal for Summer

Before you dive into major home renovations this summer, you might want to take a fresh look at your property’s curb appeal. Some minor updates and repairs to the outside of your home will improve its value and potentially even reduce your utility bills. Here is a look at four great outdoor projects with a proven return on investment.

Power Wash

The easiest way to give your property a quick makeover is to power wash the driveway, walkway, fence, and sides of your home. Many hardware stores now rent power washers for just a few dollars an hour, and this simple project can easily be carried out over the weekend. Depending on the size of your home, professional cleaning crews will generally charge at least a few hundred dollars for power washing services.

Paint in Neutral Tones

Now that the grime has been cleaned off the sides of your home, you can get a better look at the state of the paint. Most contractors suggest painting wood siding at least once every three years and stucco once every six years. If you plan on selling your home soon, you should be wary of any colors that are too bright or vibrant. As a general rule, homes in neutral tones such as beige are the easiest to sell. Accent colors can then be added to the doors and windows to give your property some personality.

Update the Windows

Older windows are not only unattractive, but they could be wreaking havoc on your monthly energy bills. Thin window panes and cracks around the sills will force your HVAC system to work much harder to keep your home at a consistent temperature. Advanced options such as high-efficiency glass with vinyl sidings from places like Arch Design can be matched to practically any décor and are made specifically to withstand the elements.

Upgrade the Roof

When it comes time to put your home on the market or have it appraised, the roof is one of the first places that the inspector will look. According to the National Association of Realtors, a homeowner should inspect their roof at least twice a year and consider having it replaced entirely every 15 to 20 years. Even if your roof is not quite ready to be replaced, you should still take some time to power wash it and check for any damaged shingles.

With the weather beginning to warm up, now is the perfect time to start finishing off some projects that will increase your home’s value and improve its efficiency.

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