5 Ways To Create A First Impression Through Your Home Exterior


5 Ways To Create A First Impression Through Your Home Exterior

First impressions seem to matter in everything. They give a glimpse of what to expect from the interior parts of your home. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just maintaining its aesthetic touch, the exterior needs a fresh look to create great first impressions. Below are five ways to improve your home’s exterior look.

  1. Try Out A New Color Theme

A New Color Theme

A new color theme can go a long way into giving your home a fresh and sophisticated look. Your color choices should be balanced to concentrate the attention on the house. A good designer could help you choose colors that would make the home a center of attraction. New color themes can be achieved through new painting or wall cladding, depending on your budgets.

  1. Repair Or Replace Components

Gutter Repair

House components such as the roof, gutters, driveway, exterior wall cladding, and lighting affect the curb appeal of your home. Broken and loosely hanging gutters are unsightly. Dull roofing that may have some pieces broken off significantly reduces the good looks of a house. Unkempt driveways aren’t welcoming, while lighting components that are dusty and musty reduce the general aesthetic look of the compound. You may want to repair what can be restored and replace components that are beyond restoration. You may also consider washing or repainting these components to give them bright looks after repairs.

  1. Manage Your Lawn

Lawn Care

The lawn requires constant mowing, weeding, raking fallen debris from dried leaves, and watering. A properly trimmed and kept garden improves the general look of a home. If you feel that lawn demands too much time and effort to stay green, you may consider bringing in shrub beds or artificial turfs that don’t demand as much.

  1. Pressure Washing Your Exterior

Driveway Cleaning

Your exterior would require extensive cleaning with the help of Sarasota pressure washing. Hiring an expert or do-it-yourself pressure washing is essential to make your exterior clean and beautiful. Using the right techniques and equipment, you’ll improve your home’s curb appeal, attracting more potential buyers if you’re selling your home soon.

The pressure of a pressure washer is expressed at pounds per square inch. To clean your property’s exterior or deck, you need a pressure of 1500 psi and 3000 psi for a concrete driveway. Use an adjustable pressure washer, delivering a force of up to 3000 psi. If you don’t want to get stressed and tired of pressure washing your home, you can hire a pressure washing company.

Check Out These Home Exteriors You Should Consider Pressure Washing:

  • Deck: The goal of pressure washing your deck is to remove the dirt. It should not leave traces of pressurized water behind. Use the right amount of pressure because too little or too much pressure will result in a less appealing and clean surface or a stripped area.
  • Walls: Pressure washing exterior walls removes mold and mildew. This fungal growth can be damaging to your home’s interior and your family’s health at the same time. When mold and mildew go unchecked, the interior of your home could be affected, spreading mold growth within walls.
  • Driveway: Power washing is an excellent way to get rid of stains in your driveway. Dust and grime stuck in cracks, which are difficult to reach. Pressure washing can remove hard to remove stains. Having a clean surface provides a safe and healthier environment for your family. With the help of a pressure washing company, dirt and oil are removed out of your asphalt driveway or pavement. Your driveway, without the stains, will look better, thus increasing your home’s value.
  1. Spruce Up The Main Door

Spruce Up The Main Door

The main door is usually subjected to a lot of tear and wear. It is most likely to suffer from cracked, faded or chipped paint, broken hinges or knobs, loose fittings, or probably it is falling apart. Depending on the condition of the front door, consider fixing the defective parts of the door and repainting with attractive colors to give back the house a good look. You may also replace the entire front door with suitable material to give it a whole beautiful look.

These methods mentioned above will help improve the first impression of your house. With regular maintenance and extra care, you will prolong the effects of the changes made.


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