4 Ways To Customize The Exterior Of A Cookie-Cutter Home


4 Ways To Customize The Exterior Of A Cookie-Cutter Home

May homeowners that live as part of a homeowner’s association or on a block with houses are under the impression that they can’t or shouldn’t differentiate the exterior of their house. While certain HOA’s do have limitations, homeowners can customize their houses to separate their homes from the others in the neighborhood creatively. Read on to discover four ways homeowners can redesign their home’s exterior.

  1. Use Yard Decorations

DIY Yard Decoration

Lawn decorations are an easy way to spruce up an otherwise dull lawn. Not a fan of garden gnomes? Consider adding decorations like colorful garden planters, creative patio furniture, or garden sculptures. A decorative lamp post can brighten up your yard and make it safer to be out at night. Every personal touch, from flowers to ceramic statues, can help make your front yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood and make your home your own.

  1. Paint The Exterior

Paint The Exterior

The color of paint used on the home is another effective way to set any home apart. While some homeowners can go out with bright, distinctive non-traditional colors, some HOA’s won’t allow homeowners to choose specific colors to paint exterior walls. In this situation, these homeowners can opt for variations of the standard colors like white, off-white, and muted tones. That will help to make their home more distinctive without looking like the same cookie-cutter homes around them.

  1. Buy A New Front Door

A New Front Door

In addition to painting the walls of a home, another way to differentiate a house set a new front door. Delve into the art of door design by investing in a door that is vastly different than that of the neighbors’. The right front door can significantly boost a home’s curb appeal and make a typical house stand out from all the rest. Whether it’s a more substantial, ornately designed wooden door or getting a new front door is often all a home needs to stand out.

  1. Customize The Mailbox

Customise The Mailbox

Customized mailboxes are another way to make a home immediately stand out from the other houses on the block. Mailboxes can be customized in a variety of styles and often help visitors identify the house when they arrive for the first time. From a splash of color to an entirely new mailbox design, homeowners looking to diversify their home’s exterior can do so with a newly redesigned mailbox.

Don’t want your house to look just like every other home in the neighborhood? Be sure to try these four suggestions when trying to reinvent your home’s exterior. With a little decoration and personal touch, you’ll be able to pick out your home from the rest of the block and feel genuinely at home in your house.

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