4 Ways To Deep-Clean Every Room In Your House


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Cleaning is probably everyone’s least favorite chore, and much more if we are talking about deep cleaning. But believe it or not, nothing will feel more satisfying than sitting down and looking at the fantastic results you have accomplished. With just a couple of cleaning tools and supplies, you can make your home look like a whole new place. This article lists four ways to deep clean the rooms in your house and leave them spotless.

  1. Dusting And Vacuuming

Although you probably do a lot of dusting and vacuuming throughout the week, there will still be some places that may get overlooked. For example, when did you last time vacuum your indoor doormats or mattresses? How about your drawers? All these places can be cleaned with dusting or vacuuming. Go over every piece of furniture or appliance and remove them from their position if you can. Proceed over to the place behind them, and don’t forget the air vents.

  1. Wiping, Mopping, And Steaming

Wipe down all your window sills, your patio furniture, and other wooden surfaces with a little bit of detergent and warm water. In the bathroom, do a more thorough swiping than you usually do, and use some steaming if you need to. Your mattress and pillows, which can’t be washed, could definitely use some refreshing by steaming as well. Even if you regularly mop your kitchen or bathroom floors, it will only be effective after a deeper scrubbing. You can use baking soda and water to spare yourself and the environment from harmful cleaning products.

  1. Hiring Professionals

In case you don’t have time to give your home a complete cleansing by yourself, you can always hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you. The metropolitan area of Greater Richmond has many services specialized in deep cleaning that you may have trouble finding the right one. But if you are from this area, you can count on the reliable professionals at Kathleenscleaningservice.com, who can guarantee you thorough cleaning with eco-friendly products. Besides doing a meticulous job, their policy also includes a follow-through to ensure everything was done to perfection.

  1. Cleaning Your Appliances

Professional Cleaning Services

Now and then, you will need to empty your fridge and wipe the inside of it. You can use a sanitary product designed for this purpose or just a little water with vinegar in it. The same solution can work while cleaning the inside of your oven and microwave too. Change the filter in your drier, air conditioner, and air purifiers. Clean the inside of your washer and dryer as well from the debris they collect from your clothes.

Keeping a weekly cleaning schedule can help you out in maintaining a clean home. However, at least twice a year, there will be a need to do some deeper scrubbings as well. Whether you do it by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, it’s important to get this done. Because by getting to every nook and cranny in every room, you can transform your home into a beautiful living space everyone will enjoy.

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