4 Ways To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home


People are always trying to ensure that the air quality in their homes is free from any sort of pollutants and for that they tend to buy products, which claim that they will enhance the air quality of their household. People tend to open the windows to improve the air circulation but they tend to ignore some of the most important ways that can be used to improve the air quality in their homes. Here is a list of ways that can be used by people to improve the air quality of their homes:

Hardwood Flooring

  1. One of the first step to enhance the air quality levels within your household is to ensure that the surfaces are clean. Keep a check on the hardwood flooring and the type of cleaning services you are using. It is better to use HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaners as they are designed in a way to ensure that all types of allergens like pollen, pet dander are eliminated from the floor. Clean your floor with a vacuum and then mop the floor as that way all the remaining dust is removed easily.
  1. People who wish to promote and improve the air quality of their homes should make it a point that they avoid smoking in their homes. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals, which can destroy the air quality levels within your household. Smoking causes more damage to the people who inhale the air that is full of chemicals. People who inhaling that air can diagnose problems like asthma, cancer, heart problems or other types of breathing conditions. When the cigarette is burned it release a lot of chemicals. The chemicals continue to float within your home even if you open up the windows. It is better to smoke outside of your house.
  1. People should take care of their own health as well. If anyone is sick within your own house then make sure that a healthy atmosphere is being promoted so that the air quality is always in a better condition. People should use disposable tissues and should wear a mask if they have a bad throat. Coughing releases harmful bacteria, which can have an impact on the air quality within your household.
  1. Try to maintain your HVAC system as it will help in filtering out bad chemicals that might be present in the air and will help promote fresh air indoors. Keep a check on the heating and air-conditioning systems within your household and replace or clean them if they are dirty. There are professional experts who can keep a check on your HVAC system and they can propose solutions in case of any problem within the system.
  1. Get yourself a houseplant. According to a study, houseplants have always been successful in removing toxins from the air specially, formaldehyde which is commonly found in furniture and bedding. These plants are able to remove pollution from the air via their tinning openings in their leaves. These plants have been helpful in removing the most dangerous gas (carbon monoxide) from the air too which is why they are a must in your house if you need clean and healthy indoor air!
  1. Your bedroom is the major area where the toxins get generated. You might me wondering why? Well, what actually happens is that these chemicals get generated from textiles, linen, furniture and carpets and then it turns into toxins that slowly start polluting the air. Keep a check on all your bedroom stuff every now and then and if their condition doesn’t look nice then you better change them before they become dangerous for your health.
  1. Get yourself paints that have low or zero VOC levels. You see, before technology, paints used to have high level of VOC and these VOC’s basically were low level toxin emissions that made the paints stay for quite long and were considered a necessary thing for the paint to perform properly. Well now thanks to the technology that we’ve got safer painting options in the market which are less toxic and can prevent air pollution.

So, above we have mentioned a few major factors that might be polluting your air, also we’ve told you about the solutions and remedies required to control such polluted air. Air pollution is something that many of us are ignorant of but it is a matter of fact that pollution gives birth to hundreds of dangerous and chronic diseases which is why, now is the right time to start working on cleaning air around us in order to save ourselves, our family and our children from any sort of health issues!

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