4 Ways to Keep Out the Cold This Fall With Home Improvements


4 Ways to Keep Out the Cold This Fall With Home Improvements

Is your home drafty when the weather turns chilly? If windy days make your home feel colder than the thermostat says, then it is time for a house tune-up. Buttoning up your home before the cold temperatures seep into your house will lower energy bills and make the family more comfortable. We have four ways you can make your house more pleasant this fall.

  1. Add New Throw Rugs To Your Floors

A simple and inexpensive way to warm up your house is with rugs. Putting carpets, throw rugs, and doormats throughout the home accomplish two things. First, the floors will be less drafty and cold. Second, the dirt will stay near the entrances, and you can protect your high-traffic areas and floors from salt, mud, ice, gravel, and other debris.

  1. Install Roller Shutters Or Curtains

Roller shutters offer many benefits. Homeowners can get more privacy and customize the natural light that enters the home. By adjusting the slats, you can block out the wind when it is gusty. You can minimize sun bleaching from UV rays. These shutters also make it easier to work in offices and see television screens.

  1. Put Weather Stripping Around The House Openings

Another inexpensive way to knock out those pesky drafts is to use weatherstripping around all the doors and windows in your house. You can also use caulk to seal up smaller areas. Filling in gaps and small openings has a dramatic effect on the comfort level in the house. Your family will not ask you to keep turning up the heat or need to pile on extra blankets when you insulate the largest openings in your home.

  1. Install Low-E Windows

If your windows are old, cracking, or have too much damage to seal up, then investing in Low-E windows can provide two benefits. First, new windows will be tight and seal updrafts. Second, the coating will reflect about 96 percent of the sunlight in the summer. In the winter, the coating keeps the warm air inside, preventing heat transmission to the outdoors.

Using these four techniques to seal up your home this fall will improve your comfort and save you money. With fewer drafts, you can keep the thermostat down and stay warm. Getting ahead of colder temperatures and making these home improvements will help you have a better winter and make your fall more enjoyable. In the summer, you may see just as much savings on cooling costs.

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