4 Ways To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable


If you work from home, your office should be your sanctuary. This should be a separate space in which you dedicate time to your job. This means no distractions and having a comfortable space in which to work. If you are just starting to work from home or you want to improve your home office, here are four ways in which to do so.

Invest In Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture
Getting the right desk chair is incredibly important to feeling comfortable whilst working. Workplaces should always provide ergonomic desk chairs; therefore, you should ensure you do the same for yourself when working from home. Ergonomic chairs help maintain a good posture and stop you from getting back ache and other problems associated with working at a desk for long periods of time. If you do not have a comfortable chair, you will not want to work as long and you could end up doing damage to yourself.

Good Lighting

If you can, ensure your home office is in a place with lots of natural light to avoid you from straining your eyes or sitting in a dark, miserable room. If you do not have any windows because you are working in your garage or another room without windows, invest in some good lighting to ensure your work space is inviting. Sitting in a gloomy office will make you feel tired and it will not be a place that you want to spend time. This will also help with headaches if you are looking at a screen for long periods of time.

Room Temperature

Room Temperature
Working in the heat is never fun, but unfortunately it must be done. Ensuring you have a good air flow for when it is too hot and too cold will help you to stay comfortable in your home office. You can stay cool with functional ducted air conditioning like these. The best part is as you are working in your home office, you can have the temperature set just as you like it, as you won’t have any colleagues to change the temperature.


This is your home office and therefore it should be a place that you want to spend time. As it is in your home, you can do more than bring a picture to put on your desk. Decorate your office in a way which suits you. This could be purchasing a coffee machine to keep yourself caffeinated through the day or you may want to have pictures on the walls of your family and children. Adding some greenery is a great way to keep your home office looking fresh. Be creative, although this is your work space it doesn’t mean it should look like your general office! Check out these for some great inspiration on how to make your home office a place that you want to spend time.

Make sure your home office is in good condition to minimize any risks associated with working at a desk and be sure to make it your own. More details on officeworthylist.com

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