4 Ways To Use Steel Stair Stringers In Your Commercial Business


Stair stringers are an essential part of stair building. There are three main parts of a regular staircase. They are the riser, the treads, and the stringers. These sloped boards are used to support all the other components of the staircase and support all the weight of everyone who walks through the stairs.

Stringers can be made up of a lot of materials, from wood to steel. The latter is perfect for those who own commercial businesses, especially those with an industrial design in their office. Check out the different ways you can use steel stair stringers in your commercial business below.

  1. To Support The Stairs

Steel Stair Stringers

Of course, the first and foremost use of the stair stringer is to support the stairs that you are building. But building stairs is very tricky. You need to make sure that you have the exact measurements. Any error, even if it is minor, can be disastrous. Not only will every part of the stair not fit each other, but there is also potential danger and risk for everyone who will use it. Once you get the measurement of your stairs, look through the catalogs of sellers to see if they have what you need. Other manufacturers can also make customized stair stringers for you if needed.

  1. It Can Serve As Shelves

Industrial Staircase

There are other uses you can use a stair stringer for other than its primary purpose of supporting stairs. If your commercial business has an industrial design, you can use the steel stair stringer as a shelf or storage. If you are selling products, for example, having the stringer as a storage shelf can be attractive and unique.

  1. You Can Use Them For Decorative Purposes

Open Staircase With Wooden Treads And Dark Steel Handrail

Aside from being used as a wall shelf, if you have extra steel stair stringers, why not use them for decorative purposes? You can paint the stringers in a different color and put them on the concrete walls for attractive wall décor. You can also pile them up in a corner and add a few interesting pieces to the mix so that they can look pleasing to the eye. The only limit is your imagination.

  1. You Can Use It As A Ceiling Installation

Stringer Decoration

If you do not want to put it up on a wall, or your commercial space does not have enough floor space to have the stringer as a decoration, you can just put it up on the ceiling. You can use wires and strings and, if possible, add a few more decorative touches so that it can serve as an art piece that everyone who walks into your commercial space can admire.

There are so many designs you can choose from, such as these excellent steel stair stringer designs found in Brisbane. Just make sure that you are not only going to choose a design that would fit with your business, but you are also able to get the correct measurements.

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