4 Ways Windows Can Create A New Look For Your Home

On June 26, 2019 by Preeti Shah

Think about it for a moment. If there’s a favorite house you admire, the windows often play a significant role in the structure’s appeal. Many TV watchers fell in love with the Minneapolis apartment on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” back in the 1970s. Mary Richards lived on the 3rd floor of an old Victorian behind large Palladian windows with an iron balcony. Windows can add fancy curbside appeal to your home and are the perfect way to update the look without depleting your budget.

Shaping With A View

Window Design For New Home

These days, window design has become quite creative and sophisticated and offers tons of options. For instance, if you have an original large window in the den, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. You can change it up to your heart’s desire.

For example, the large window can be replaced with a set of smaller windows. Today’s windows come in a large variety of shapes like circles, tiny greenhouses (garden window), bow, bay, arched, oval, etc. You can reach out to a window replacement company to explore all your options.

Instant Interior Upgrade

Window Interior Upgrade

Sometimes, your rooms need a cosmetic boost from the inside, and white window trim is the fast and easy way to add clean, crisp lines to your room. You have a lot of handsome trim types to choose. When you’re installing new windows, consider adding a pretty crown molding, for example, to create a decorative flourish at the top for a luxurious look.

More Dramatic Views

Windows Dramatic Views

Today, many folks are opting for expansive glass to make that rustic look of luxury. Homeowners are selecting large windows mulled together as well as having glass walls and lift-and-slide doors constructed. People want to enjoy the big picture, and windows can offer that modern look of blending in with the outdoor environment.

All In The Frame

Window Frames

Your window frames may not sound like a big deal, but many homeowners today are seeking thinner trim and bigger windows. Bronze or black trim have become hot trends that give off a sleek, contemporary vibe with picture frame good looks.

Today’s windows not only deliver aesthetic appeal, excellent function, and protection, but they can save the homeowner up to 30 percent in energy costs. If your home is ready for a mini makeover, then begin with the windows. The transformation will amaze you.

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