5 Apartment Renovation Ideas To Increase Your Property’s Saleability


It is widely acknowledged that Monaco’s property market is one of the most buoyant in the world, with property prices strongly influenced by the shortage of apartments in this tiny sovereign state measuring just two square kilometres.

Despite sky-high prices, however, if you are selling a property, you will no doubt want to get the very best return for your investment, which might mean undertaking some widely tested apartment renovation ideas to add maximum value.

Maybe your apartment is looking a bit tired, and could do with a facelift to pull in the prospective buyers in this glamorous corner of Europe? Or perhaps, with a small amount of creativity, you could increase the floor space of your apartment in a country where the average price of a square metre was last year 48,799 Euros, according to a report by the Monaco statistics office IMSEE.

  1. Add Value By Decorating

Add Value By Decorating

Perhaps the most straightforward, least expensive and time-consuming apartment renovation idea is to add value by decorating your property before you put it on the market. Repainting the walls, changing the door handles and hanging new curtains will probably not directly affect the value of your property but if the apartment looks uncared for, it could prevent prospective buyers putting in the optimum offer.

  1. Install The Latest Air Conditioning And Heating System

Latest Air Conditioning System

Temperatures in Monaco in the height of summer can get very warm, whilst winters can be biting, so it pays to ensure that the apartment you are selling is fitted with the very latest air conditioning and heating system as you would expect to find in any of the new Monaco property development projects springing up in the Principality.

  1. Improve The Existing Layout

Improve The Existing Layout

Space is a premium in Monaco, so a careful rethink about the layout of your property could be critical in making sure you command the maximum price for your apartment. Is there any way you can combine the dining room and kitchen to make it a multi-functional space, or can you make use of a corridor or balcony area to create more space?

  1. Add A Bedroom

Add A Bedroom

Real estate in Monaco is categorised by the number of bedrooms the property has, so if you can add a bedroom by dividing up existing space and adding a wall, then you are likely to increase the value of your home.

  1. Update The Kitchen

Update The Kitchen

A bright, modern kitchen will catch the eye of any buyer so to ensure that your property has the wow factor, why not give your kitchen a makeover by updating the work service or changing the units? It’s a relatively painless job to do but will have great results.

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