5 Awesome Ways To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring


It’s never too early and never too late to plan your celebration for the spring. This week is going to be the most happening week as March 17 was the St.Patrick’s Day, 19 March – Saint Joseph’s Day and 20 March will be the First Day of Spring, March 21 will be Purim.

After the coldest winters passed it’s finally that time of the year when the temperatures are rising, the flowers are coming into bloom, and the days are getting longer, letting us know that summer is at around the corner.

For the travel-loving people spring mean taking the long-awaited vacation to a tropical locale or even a cross-country road trip to enjoy with loud music up and windows down. It is also the time when you can take your family camping gear and go for a small adventure trip with your loved ones.

Here are five excellent ways to welcome the first official day of spring, even at home.

Springtime is an excellent season for US people; there are tons of fruits and vegetables growing that aren’t available any other time of the year. Strawberries, cherries, and apricots are seen in this season, and the vegetable lovers will delight in fresh peas, beets, asparagus, and artichokes. It’s the perfect time of the year to indulge in a seasonal, delicious salad or a fresh-baked pie.

Tip #1 Plant A Garden

Plant A Garden

While some regions of the country US may still have frost on the ground in the spring, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for gardening. If you have flowers and vegetables, experience better grow them in your home garden. Fill your garden with a vivid perennial Primrose or a bright Petunia, both do their best blooming in cold temperatures, and there are many different varieties to choose. If you want some fresh, homegrown vegetables, there are also lots of crops that thrive in the cooler spring temperatures. Try putting in multiple crops of peas and lettuce or get a start on your perennial veggies, like asparagus and rhubarb. If you don’t like braving the cold, plant an indoor herb garden with basil, thyme, and rosemary or transfer the pot outdoor when things start to warm up.

Tip #2 Home Cleaning & Decoration

Home Cleaning & Decoration

Although cleaning may not sound like the most exciting activity yet, it will compel you in the springtime mood and give you a clean palette for all of your upcoming summer get-togethers. Prepare a printable checklist, cleaning product reviews, and tips for getting the most out of your spring cleaning session. Even you can get some DIY cleaning products and  21 Cleaning Tips online from Mydecorative.com

Feeling crafty? Go eco-friendly and create your DIY arts. Use DIY flowers and painting for your living room. Get down your old curtains and have a fresh look with new curtains and throw colourful rugs. Jazz up your cupboard and add some interesting furniture to your master bedroom. Bring out useful kitchen appliances for this season.

Tip #3 Throw The Backyard Party

Throw The Backyard Party

Rid your mind of months of winter seclusion by throwing a party for your friends and family members for a springtime backyard fun party. Uncover the patio furniture, throw on a beautiful tablecloth and set up an array of delicious food for your guests. Uncover the grill for the first time in months and delight your guests with creamy, chocolaty cake or hamburgers, or impress through your favourite food, made with fresh veggies from your garden; spread that includes seasonal selections and summery sides like pasta salad or grilled corn. Springtime parties are also the perfect time to dust off your outdoor games, like washers or croquet, which are a great way to liven up a party.

Tip #4 Go For A Scenic Hike

Go For A Scenic Hike

Spring is the perfect time to take a break and go out with your best hiking gear and hit the trails. A morning or an afternoon hike can be a great way to get some exercise and experience the great outdoors as flowers are beginning to bloom again. Find the best hiking trails near you. Like Breakneck Ridge Trail in Hudson, Highlands State Park for breathtaking views of the Hudson River, or a visit to Glacier Gorge in Rocky Mountain National Park to take in the beautiful alpine lakes and surrounding miles of wildflower-covered terrain.

Tip #5 Fruity And Airy Colors

Fruity And Airy Colors

Add some bright and vibrant colours to your living room, flower design or cool colors of natural flowers paint for the wall of your main room, isn’t it fascinating! Don’t neglect kids room. The possibility the clutter is more in kids’ room as they play and things don’t go in the right place. So buy the furniture which looks attractive to them and eases for you to put the things right place, well-arranged room and also add some lighting and 3D design to their room.

Let’s quickly check how other cultures celebrate spring

Spring is welcomed differently all over the world; that’s why there are a few of the more unique ways different countries celebrate spring.

India, Nepal and Sri Lanka: Spring is celebrated with the Hindu Festival of Colors or Holi, which is on March 20 and 21st March is known as Dhuli Vandana and is marked by people throwing coloured powder and water at each other. In Uttar Pradesh, India, Holi is also celebrated in a unique way where women are beating men with sticks in a ritual called Lath mar Holi.

Japanese welcome the spring with a Buddhist holiday called Hogan. They visit their family tombs and pay their respects to their ancestors by leaving flowers, incense, and Ohagi, which is a sweet rice ball covered with red bean paste. They celebrate this festival in their villages, and traditional songs are sung to ring in the warmer weather.

The Iranians celebrate the New Year on their first day of spring. They are used to having cannon shot to start the celebrations, which are planned several weeks ago. They grow grains of wheat, barley or lentils to use as DIY decoration for their houses, as a symbol of growth and prosperity. According to tradition, the decorations must be kept in the house for thirteen days and then dispose of in the river.


Whatever the tradition you follow, it is essential that you welcome spring with lots of love and creativeness. Hope these five simple tips may help you brighten up your home, by adding a bit of colour, warmth and also brighten your mood. Everyone who enters your house will appreciate your work.

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