5 Beautiful And Creative Uses Of Velcro In Home Design


5 Beautiful and Creative Uses of Velcro in Home Design

Hook and loop fasteners, commonly referred to by their company name (Velcro), are extremely useful materials. These fastening solutions serve a wide range of industries, including apparel, packaged goods, transportation, and personal care. In recent years, Velcro products have found a new purpose in home design.

There are several excellent reasons why people should consider using Velcro for their homes. First of all, Velcro-inspired materials are extremely versatile and can be used for interior decorating (e.g., hanging frames, adding patterned materials to furniture, etc.) without leaving any mark. This is extremely important for renters who don’t have the freedom to put nails or screws in the wall whenever they feel like it. Second of all, Velcro has many practical uses that transcend aesthetic considerations.

If you thought that adhesive strips are only useful for hanging framed artwork, you’re in for a huge surprise. Let’s take a look at X beautiful & creative uses of Velcro in interior design.

  1. Use Velcro To Decorate Your Walls

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Velcro adhesive is hanging framed art or photos. However, this is just the tip of the adhesive décor iceberg. Velcro can also be used to secure small tile holders, shelves, or mirrors to the walls. Some creative designers have even used Velcro to craft & secure wall storage solutions for shoes, small objects, sconces, or pelmet boxes.

There are two important rules that you need to remember where Velcro adhesive strips are concerned:

  • Choose the right product for the surface that you are hanging on to prevent any damage.
  • Make sure that the Velcro strip can support the weight of what you want to hang.
  1. Use Velcro To Beautify & Enclose Your Porch

If you want to use your porch during cold winter days or turn it into a sunroom, you’ll have to enclose it. Such a project costs around $2,000, depending on the size of your porch. A great alternative would be to enclose the porch yourself using Velcro and clear vinyl for a fraction of the price.

Sew-in Velcro strips can be used to create piped bench cushions. Alternatively, heavy-duty Velcro stick-on tape, which is also weather-resistant, can be used to secure cushions or pots to outdoor wood, metal, or glass surfaces. This will help you protect your furniture & plants from harsh winds.

  1. Use Velcro To Stop Your Rugs From Sliding

Rugs can completely change the feel of a room. However, if you have children or demonic kittens, you will find yourself in a constant state of panic. That’s because rugs tend to slide uncontrollably. Instead of placing various objects over the corners of the rug, you can use Velcro sticky bands.

Depending on the type of floor that you have, you will have to decide between heavy-duty Velcro (wood, glass, metal), or PS18 acrylic adhesive (for PVC & vinyl). To generate a permanent bond, peel off the sticky back, pop one at the base of your rug, and the other on the floor.

  1. Use Velcro To Organize & Store Stuff

As previously mentioned, Velcro is extremely practical. You can use colored strips to mount office tools on your wall, organize your bathroom vanity, store electronic devices, sort cables,  secure knife racks, and more.

You can also use hook and loop fasteners to mount shelves on your walls or in your storage spaces.

  1. Use Velcro To Disguise Furniture

Velcro can also be used to disguise less-appealing furniture elements such as metal boards, chair legs, or exposed bed frames. Anything that you consider dull-looking can be disguised quickly with the help of patterned or fringed materials that are secured with Velcro strips.

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