5 Best Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips


Air Conditioner Maintenance

The residents of Florida do know how hot and sultry it becomes during the summer days. And so to help the residents spend their days better and comfortable, Indoor Comfort offers few air conditioning maintenance tips to survive during the hell days.

The following are few of the basic AC maintenance plan, that is a must for every resident to follow. They are as follows.

  1. Clean The Encircled Area Of The Condenser

The condenser is the prime part of the AC. If you do not want the system’s efficiency to go down or harm in any way, then make sure to keep the encircled are of the condenser clean and tidy. Clean up all the grass and shrubs growing near the condenser, as it can damage the unit heavily. There must be no debris or anything related near the condenser; as even a tiny particle or broken leaves enter the unit, it will affect the system’s efficiency greatly. This will decrease the life and performance of the system. If you have left it for long, unattended, and uncared, it is better to call the technicians well versed in A/C maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, for better AC operation.

  1. Clean Or Replace The AC Filter

The AC filter does the job of keeping your indoor air clean and tidy. It prevents dust and other related particles from entering your house, making it a healthy environment. This is why the filter must be cleaned or replaced at least once in 2-3 months for better inmates’ health. If there are pets in the house, then it is mandatory to clean the filter every month. Failure to clean the filter would lead to blockage of dust and debris, which will affect the system. The AC will have to run its double efficiency to pump air into your house, which would damage the system’s parts and increase the energy bills. So, just by contacting the experts for air conditioner tune-up, you can save on future repairing costs and more.

  1. Check The Ducts

With time, dust, dirt, and other related particles get accustomed to the ductwork. Dirty ductwork can cause much harm to inmates like an asthma attack, allergies, etc. It also affects the quality of the indoor air to a great extent. Dirty ductwork needs to work double its efficiency level, which directly affects the electricity bills. Therefore, make sure to clean the ductwork once in three months to enjoy uninterrupted cooling and healthy indoor air.

  1. Check The Thermostats

The Thermostat is the controller of the temperature, which must be taken proper care of. The setting must be set to Cool and the Fan to Auto. Also, the temperature must always be set to a little cooler than the room’s current temperature. One must make sure to fix their thermostat to a shadier place and away from sunlight, as it can affect the system’s settings and temperature. If it is directly exposed to the sunlight, it will soon get damaged and need a replacement option.

  1. Yearly Tune-Up Service

You can do many things yourself, as the DIYs and online tutorials have made AC maintenance easy and simple. But it is advisable to seek help from professionals who are good at Air conditioning maintenance at least once a year. There are few things that only an expert will know, for they are trained and learned in the field. The professionals will detect problems and repairs, if any, and solve the issue before it takes the ugly turn. Besides, they are a great helper who will provide you with many amazing air conditioner maintenance tips to save money, time, and energy.

The air conditioner’s worst time is during the summer period. It is the time where it is used extensively. One must prepare beforehand by servicing the air conditioner before the summer period starts so that its residents enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted cool days during the sultry period. One must also keep a note to contact only the professionals, as letting the amateurs handle your system can cause great damage.

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