5 Best Alternatives For Brick Walls


Exposed brick walls are having their moment in the sun in terms of interior design trends right now. From restaurants to restrooms, brick walls can be a fun way to liven up an otherwise ordinary space, but they’re certainly not your only option. A bold statement wall can go a long way toward creating a space that feels like yours, and some other exciting alternatives to exposed brick include:

  1. Glass

Glass Wall Design

A glass wall is an excellent option for places with gorgeous outdoor views or spaces that would otherwise feel a bit cramped. If you want a more open feeling, a glass wall can be an excellent way to create a living area that feels bright and natural.

Sliding glass doors can also be an excellent way to break up a space that feels too large, as they can create smaller spaces that still feel wide-open and breathable. Perfect for minimalist and outdoor looks alike, a glass wall is an excellent alternative to brick for the same rustic feel.

  1. Concrete

Concrete Wall

If you want the same industrial feel that a glass wall provides but aren’t as concerned about your room’s flow or spacing issues, a concrete wall can be a striking accent piece to any home or office space. The resulting look is cool and professional while still maintaining younger and more energetic energy.

Concrete walls are more like brick walls than glass walls; however, in the sense that covering all four walls in concrete is most likely a wrong move. One concrete wall is a sharp accent detail, but four concrete walls are nothing but a concrete box and can create an unwelcoming or hostile atmosphere.

  1. Wood

Wood Wall Design

For a lighter or warmer feel, a wood wall can run a wide range of applications, making it an excellent fit for a busy space that caters to an equally wide range of tastes and styles. It’s a little less imposing than concrete or glass, but still not as omnipresent as a brick wall.

Try exposing horizontal slats of wood to create an old-fashioned, vintage feel for space. For a more modern, acoustic vibe, textured beams of wood arranged in a vertical pattern can create a visually exciting display of light and shadow that will further elevate the accent wall and your space alike.

  1. 3D Texturing

3D Texturing Wall

One of the biggest draws of a brick wall is its fun texture, but you don’t need bricks to get a touch of that same texturing in your home or office space. Try experimenting with different shapes and feelings that feel right with your space until you find something that fits you and your image.

Acoustic paneling, fabric weaves, designs, faux leather, or even wooden shingles can all provide a truly unique fit for your space while still maintaining an eye-catching centerpiece effect that instantly elevates your home or office space and takes it to the next level of young and accessible interior design!

  1. Metal

Metal Wall Design

This last option may not be the best fit for a very loud or busy environment. Still, it can be an excellent choice for more professional settings that want some of the industrial appeal and younger energy of a brick wall without the accompanying price hike.

Metal walls can be smooth, flat surfaces, or you can use corrugated metal for a more energetic look that will still maintain the strong, street-smart appeal of the soft metal or sheer glass wall. As mentioned in the previous entry, metal wall hangings are available at many interior design stores, so it’s easy to mix and match something that fits your needs.

Whether you favor warm wood tones or a cool, elegant pane of glass, there are many other options when it comes to interior design than just exposed brick. The look of your walls can present an idea and a tone for the rest of your home or workspace and can help create the welcoming, uniquely-you atmosphere that everyone who walks into your space will instantly be able to feel.

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  1. Ma”am myself Deepika. I just made my home and try to divide kitchen from living room through toughened glass wall, but now my family is not supporting me for doing any breakage to the brick wall. What to do, toughened glass can’t be modify. Is there any way out for that partition.


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