5 Best Places To Set Up A Playset In Your Backyard


Playset In Backyard

Purchasing a playset for your kiddos to enjoy in your backyard makes for many seasons of lovely outdoor entertainment. It’s not enough to just decide that you want to buy a playset and call it a day.

There is some planning involved regarding where you will set up the playset in your backyard. Let’s take a look at the five best places to install a playset in your backyard that is safe and functional for your entire family.

  1. Nearby The Back Window Looking Into The Backyard

Maybe your kids are old enough to play amongst themselves without constant parental supervision. In this case, you can station the playset near your home’s kitchen or dining room window. From there, you can watch them play amongst themselves.

Station the playset far enough away from the window that it will not fall and damage your house if torrential weather were to happen. However, do not put it so far away from the window that you obstruct the view you have from the inside as your children are playing outside.

  1. The Flattest Ground In Your Backyard

Professional playset installers suggest homeowners consider placing one on the flattest ground possible in their backyard. If you have many slopes in your backyard, it’s necessary to level off the slopes for more optimal playset installation.

Before you decide on the best place to install your backyard playset, you’ll need to learn more about how to level a yard for a playset in order to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly.

This is one of the most important steps necessary for building a safe and enjoyable playset for your little ones in the backyard.

Building on a slope could incite hazards if there is inclement weather. Installing a playset on flat ground reassures the structure stays as steady as possible, even during torrential winds.

  1. In An Area With So Much Open Space

Kids need enough ground to run, jump and play before climbing on the swing set. Be sure to choose an area in your backyard that has so much open space nearby.

Not only does this option allow for more optimal playtime routines, but it also allows you to do add-ons to the playset in the future if you desire.

Think of the process as seeing a new rock climb or a new set of swings at your local park. You may not have a rock climb already in your backyard and decide to expand the playset to include one.

If you place the playset somewhere that can only fit just that structure, you will not have enough room for possible expansion.

  1. Where There’s Enough Shade During Spring And Summer

Throughout the day during the weekends, evaluate where there is enough shade in the backyard during the spring and summer seasons. Especially if your kids love to be outside for hours, you do not want the hot sun beating down on them, not only making them too hot to want to play but also making the playset equipment too hot for safe play.

However, some sunlight on the playset is not inherently bad. Sunlight provides natural Vitamin D for your little ones as they play outside, which helps their bodies to keep the calcium in their bodies for strong bones and the phosphorus for proper muscle and nerve functioning.

For safety purposes, check the temperature before playing outside. Taking your kids out before the sun is highest in the sky, usually around noon, is best for allowing safe and comfortable playtime without getting too hot in the late spring to mid-summer months.

  1. A Place Where There Are No Obstacles

When installing a playset in your backyard, it’s important to do so in a place where there are no obstacles that could prevent the children from having safe and comfortable fun on the structure.

You need to also remove obstacles and obstructions for your children’s safety during play. Be sure to remove the following types of objects from your backyard before installing your new playset:

  • Stumps in the ground where you plan to build the playset
  • Large trees and long tree branches
  • Garden beds
  • Small or large rocks sprinkled throughout the yard
  • Fences around the yard
  • Backyard sheds
  • Backyard decks

Safety obstacles should always be assessed and removed before allowing your children to play on the playset, even after installation.

For example, after a rainstorm, remove any tree branches or rocks in the yard that are within your children’s play area.


What type of playset are you looking to build in your backyard? Do you have a DIYer in the family willing to put it together for you, or will you have a professional come install it for you? Let us know in the comments!

While we appreciate DIYers who are handy with tools, we always recommend that you seek professional assistance when installing a playset.

Installation experts have many years of experience doing this for a living, so it’s best to go the professional installation route.

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