5 Careful Cleaning Methods On Signages


Signage is the use of signs or symbols to convey a message to a particular group. Signages are for marketing purposes. They also advocate for something.

The most significant retail chains around the globe value their signages as the most effective and essential marketing tool. It’s less costly and very efficient. The signage works for extended hours and never tires, representing various businesses 24 hours a day, each day of the year. Signages inform the globe that you exist and what you offer.

It’s very challenging to overestimate how crucial signage is vital to your business. Signage is something very open, and everybody who passes by, including your clients and staff can see it. Signages set a remarkable impression of the business for those who see it.

Signage differentiates your business from others. It provides necessary information about your products. Signages are crucial links between your brand and the customers.

This is the reason why organizations make significant investments to ensure that their signages are perfect. However, all the information you invested heavily on can be useless if the signage is dirty. If the information you want to be displayed obscured by dirt, the signage is more or less a waste.

Dirty Signages Don’t Display A Positive Impression

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Having clean and glittering windows but with dirty signage is a bad impression. Such a negative perception can spread to all your customers in various locations. Failing to take the initiative and get your signage cleaned and maintained can result in permanent damages. Such damages include corrosion, which is very challenging and costly to clean.

At BAM Window Cleaning, they understand the importance of signage to your business. It’s a company that is committed to ensuring that your signage wins you, customers, on the first impression. They are experts in the field and can do a great cleaning job on your signage to the very highest standards.

Cleaning companies have the technology and capacity to clean your signage, ensuring it’s restored to its original sparkling condition. Clean signage recreated the impact that it initially had when it was new.

There are various signage cleaning methods. These methods depend on the location of the signage. The use of water fed poles does cleaning offices, shops, and restaurant signage. For more complex buildings and structures, cleaning can be carried out using an elevated mobile platform.

Cleaning Signages Using Water Fed Pole

Cleaning Signages Using Water Fed Pole

Most signage cleaning requires the utilization of reach and clean methods. This is the best method to use for retail structures and most industrial and commercial offices and premises. Brushes mounted on the tip of the pole provide a thorough cleaning, getting rid of dirt.

Purified water is then used as a cleaning and rinsing agent which washes and dissolves all the dirt.

There are no chemicals used in cleaning, so your signage won’t be damaged, and the environment won’t be harmed. Cleaning of signages is carried from ground levels that comply with work at height legislation.

Signage Cleaning Using A Mobile Elevated Cleaning Platform

Mobile Elevated Cleaning Platform

Most signages are mounted high on multi-story structures. At this height, signages can’t be accessible using water fed poles. In such situations, the signages are accessed using elevated platforms where cleaning can be done using water-fed poles or traditional methods.

All personnel that clean using mobile elevated platforms are experienced, well trained, and are licensed. With such staff, be assured that your signage will be thoroughly cleaned and will attract customers to your shop.

Advantages Of Clean Signages

Helps readability- A clean signage offers your staff and clients a better degree of readability. If parts of the signage are dirty or are missing, it may pose challenges for customers to read; therefore, they may not visit your shop.

Professionalism- A dirty signage creates a negative impression of your business. This makes customers think that you are not very professional. Having a signage cleaned will always make your business shine and glitter improving your professionalism.

Preserving the original look of your signage-Signages can age and break with time. What makes them age so fast is dirt and debris that is left on them for too long. If the signage is well cleaned, it can serve you for long since it will be in its original look all the time.


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