5 Clever Ways to Use Leftover Tile


So you’ve finished the tile project and now you have a bunch of leftover tile. Don’t rush to throw it out! There are a lot of creative ways you can use leftover tile to add additional chic to the décor.


Tabletop Tilesets
Does your kitchen countertop look quite shabby? Or, perhaps, you don’t mind renewing your old coffee table? If you have a lot of leftover tile, you can easily renovate almost any tabletops, as well as other flat surfaces in your house decorating them with a unique mosaic pattern. The most painstaking work is to tile surfaces in accordance with a sophisticated layout containing multiple colors and details. But if you are not skilled enough, you can just set tile pieces at random, only sticking to a uniform color scheme. In your project, you can use not only broken tile pieces, but also undamaged tiles – make them a focal point of your composition, while supplementing with smaller pieces. An intact tile of large size can replace old or broken details in small-scale shelves, flower stands and other interior items.

Flower Pot

Flower Pot Mosaic Tiles
Having many tile leftovers, you can transform any cheap flower-pot or planter into a striking art object. No matter which material your flower-pots are made of, since nowadays you can find appropriate glue for any of them. You just need to gather a lot of small tile pieces, since large leftovers are not suitable for rounded shapes decoration. It is perfect if you have leftover mosaic tile, since it is rather flexible and easy to work when decorating bent surfaces. Again, to achieve the best effect you need to devise an attractive scheme, but it isn’t necessary to spend much time and efforts on creating something like the Mona Lisa. If you have leftover tile of bright color, you can just lay its pieces on a random basis supplementing the design with contrasting grout. On the other hand, if your tile pieces are too plain in color and texture, try to use more spectacular pattern.


Frame Tiles
In fact, with the help of tile mosaic you can frame anything you want – mirrors, photos, pictures, wall-mounted clocks and many other interior design items. Sure, when it comes to frames, you don’t need to create sophisticated images and can do with simple abstract or geometry patterns. Besides, it is clever to add other decorative elements like beads, sequins, shells, mirror pieces and even beautiful buttons – tile design is perfectly combinable with other materials.

Art Objects

Leftover Tile Crafts
As we can see, using leftover tile it is possible to create various images on flat and bent surfaces, but who said that the mosaic images cannot exist as independent art objects? If there are quite a lot of tile pieces of different shapes and sizes, you can create really unique patterns starting from reproductions of famous paintings (yes, you will need a lot of time, patience and skill) and ending with expressive, but rather simple geometric compositions (this requires higher aesthetic tiles quality). Then, you will just need to pick up a suitable frame, complete project look, and to find an advantageous place to expose the results of your creativity. Also, if you have some undamaged stylish tiles, which feature beautiful texture or elegant pattern, you can arrange them in a striking composition without using mosaic components.

Trendy Accents

Trendy Accents Tiles
You have some undamaged tile leftovers after your bathroom project, but soon you are going to renovate your kitchen?Then just buy plain white tile of matching size and shape for the kitchen and supplement your project with bright tiles left after your previous project. It is fashionable to lay out backsplashes using multicolored tiles from different collections – this allows creating bright focal points and adding a personal touch to a kitchen design, though doesn’t require much spending.

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