5 Common Causes Of Electrical Fires In The Home


House On Fire

No individual would wish their home to get an electrical fire or any fire. Yet, during winter is when most houses are at risk of an electrical fire. Many people invest and use many heating appliances in the home and still have to plug sockets to accommodate the Christmas lighting. However, not only do electrical fires occur during the winter, but also in other seasons. As long as there is an unfixed electrical problem, it poses a risk. Some of the issues are like appliance failure, house wiring, but most occur due to mistakes homeowners make, such as overloading extension leads or electrical sockets. Below are common causes of electrical fires in the home to beware about.

  1. Faulty Appliances And Sockets

Faulty Power Socket

Many electrical fires start from a faulty socket and appliances that are dated. Using this in your home and assuming that they are working okay poses a risk of an electrical fire. If you notice an appliance with a faulty cord, don’t use it as it can send heat to surfaces like floors and rugs that are combustible and quickly start a fire. Additionally, avoid removing the grounding plug from the cord so that you use it in an electrical socket as it can cause a fire. The extra prong in appliances is to use them to handle the excess amount of power that the appliance draws. Have a licensed electrician from St Louis come to sort out any faulty sockets to be safe from electrical fires.

  1. Outdated Wiring

Outdated Wiring

A home that is more than 20 years old may not have the correct wiring system to handle the many electrical appliances that most homes today use. For example, televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, and game consoles draw more power and are used daily. Circuit breakers should trigger when the circuits are overloaded with too much power. However, when you have an outdated breaker box, most times, the connectors in use are worn and probably do not work. As a result, when the system overloads, it will quickly start an electrical fire.

  1. Light Fixtures And Fittings

Electrical Safety Check

Another common reason for electrical fires is light bulbs, lamps, and light fittings and fixtures. When you install a lamp with high wattage for the light fixtures and lamps you have at home, it can lead to an electrical fire. To prevent this, check the maximum bulb wattage recommended on the lighting fixture and do not exceed the amount. Another mistake that people make is to put a cloth over the lampshade. When the material heats up, it will ignite and cause a fire as well.

  1. Portable Heaters

Portable Heater

Portable heaters are a great way to keep warm during cold months. But, people use this type of heaters by putting them close to surfaces such as beds, curtains, chairs, rugs, sofas, and clothing. More particularly, coil space heaters are dangerous as they have coils that become so hot and can easily ignite any surface nearby that is flammable. For this reason, if you use portable heaters, go for the radiator one as it diffuses heat throughout the appliance’s surface. They are less likely to ignite items, but it’s best to keep away from them.

  1. Extension Leads

Extension Leads

Extension leads are essential for use but not for a long time or throughout. Thus, plug appliances directly into the outlet and not into an extension lead for too long. Use the extension cords for temporary use. If your home has no appropriate type of plug sockets, contact an electrician to install new ones as they are a safer alternative.

The above are some of the most common causes of electrical fires in homes. Follow the list above and educate your family members on the same. This will ensure you protect your home from any chance of fire. Consult a professional electrician to come and check your wiring and appliance failure or another issue you might have to prevent an electrical fire. Also, your local fire and rescue services will come in handy in conducting a home risk fire assessment.

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