5 Common Renovation Mistakes To Avoid


Home renovation projects are increasingly popular for their short-term benefits, as they create extra space, but also for their long-term benefits because they can add value to your home. So whether you’re tempted by a garage or loft conversion or a conservatory, here are some renovation mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Project

Choosing The Wrong Project

Before setting your heart on a home renovation project, make sure you speak to an expert to discuss your possibilities first. You need to consider the long term and choose a project that will not only be useful to you straight away, by creating more space, for example, but that will also benefit you in the long run by adding value to your home. Always keep in mind that you may want to sell your home eventually and choose something that will also be appealing to potential buyers.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Builders

Choosing The Wrong Builders

Always speak to various companies to get an idea of the price and what each company can offer you. Be suspicious if one quote is considerably cheaper than the others and always seek a range of opinions. You could even speak to your friends and see if anyone has had a particularly good or bad experience with builders in your area.

  1. Not Budgeting Properly

Not Budgeting Properly

Underestimating your costs can have big implications for your home build project. Ensuring you’re properly planning out every aspect of your build as best, you can ensure you reduce the chance of receiving any shock bills. Use the builder’s estimate but also speak to people you know to estimate your costs. Always take into account furnishing costs as well as the cost of the build itself.

While you must plan and estimate costs, it is almost inevitable that you will encounter unforeseen expenses during your home improvement project. Make sure you have some spare budget to cover these costs. In addition, some problems can reveal themselves after you start work, and you may change your mind or alter the design, so ensure you are aware of these possibilities and plan for them. For guidance, follow Houselogic’s guide on how to budget for a home renovating.

  1. Ignoring Rules And Regulations

Ignoring Rules And Regulations

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before conducting any build. Do I need planning permission? Will I need my building regulations to approve? Do I need to notify my neighbors?

To find out if you need planning permission or if you need your building regulations approving, always speak to your local authority. If you fail to get planning permission where required, you may have to undo any alternations you have made. Also, always check the party wall act to determine if you need to notify your neighbors, and remember it is a criminal offense to alter a listed building without consent.

  1. Not Ensuring Your Home Is In Keeping With The Neighbourhood

Not Ensuring Your Home Is In Keeping With The Neighbourhood

Always consider how your project will affect those in your neighborhood to ensure you keep good relations with your neighbors. Ensure your home renovation project won’t be an eyesore for others and doesn’t clash with the rest of the area. For example, think twice about your contemporary statement if you live on a very traditional, old-fashioned street. This will not only upset your neighbors, but it could also affect your home’s resale value.

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