5 Concepts For Decorating Your Small Home Office


In the age of fast-moving technology, facilitating incredible levels of connectivity between individuals, working from home has become more and more popular. People who previously would have been chained to a desk in the office space for 9 hours a day are increasingly freed to work from the comfort of their abode. Mixed schedules, two days at home three in office, for example, are becoming the standard formula for most progressive companies. Still, others have abandoned the office space altogether, massively reducing complications and costs. Of course, even those who still report to an office daily for work have personal administrative tasks and spillover from their careers to deal with, so the small home office has had a huge boost in popularity. Let’s look at some creative concepts for making your home office into a space you want to spend more and more time in.

  1. Plenty Of Desk Space

Small Home Office Decor

When you think of the fundamentals of an office, that list will always include a desk. The workstation is built upon a suitable desk, and if you’re looking for an item that it’s worth spending a little extra cash on, this is it. However, a lot of desks don’t offer the amount of space that is needed these days. It’s always better to provide yourself with the option of extra room since you never know what developments will come down the line. Maybe you might invest in a desktop but still want room for your laptop. Or you might start sharing the space with a partner. Whatever the case, opting for an extra-long desk will save you ever needing to repurchase.

  1. Practicality First, But Style Close Behind

The effects that the architecture and design of office space have on your ability to work are very well documented at this point. Many of the iconic principles of Feng Shui are employed for an understanding of how to get the best out of office-bound employees. “Ultimately, your workspace needs to be sturdy and practical, a rigorous setting for getting real work done. But, it also needs to be your space, and that should be reflected in the design, the color palettes, and the items that you choose to put in there. You want to enjoy your time in the space for maximum productivity”, explains Marta Gonzalez, lifestyle blogger at AcademicBrits.

  1. Have A Comfy Area

Small Home Office

Ideally, your home office should have a seating option that isn’t just your desk chair. Even if it’s a simple bean bag, you need there to be a space you can retreat to when you need a break. ‘But what about the living room?’ I hear you ask. Well, that is an option, but working from home is all about boundaries. A trip to the living room could mean a major distraction, like the television or the kitchen. Having soft seating in the office space means you can relax, but you’re still at work.

  1. A Refreshment Station

It’s an excellent idea for you to find the space in your home office to put a few supplies in. Having a little nook with a small kettle, tea, coffee, and a few snacks like a fruit bowl, some candies or granola bars, means that when you need to refuel across the day, you don’t need to lose concentration and risk that wander into the living space.

  1. Try And Keep It A Bit Minimalist

Home Office

In terms of items to put in your workspace, there is such a thing as too much. Just like you might have one or two personal trinkets at work, you need to retain that clutter-free desk space for the organization’s sake. Organized office space is an organized mind. Don’t let the office become the home for everything you can’t decide what to do with.


Home office spaces are becoming more and more important every day. The way that industry is going in the contemporary age is such that there are far more opportunities to conduct business from your place. Hopefully, a few of these ideas for decorating your space will enhance your productivity and enjoyment.

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