5 Concrete Pool Renovation Tips To Save


Concrete Pool

Are you looking to get a concrete pool renovation done soon? Are you worried about the cost of a renovation? Here are some tips for keeping your project within budget!

Tip 1: Get Several Estimates Before Starting

To get a realistic budget for your project goal, get several estimates before deciding on a contractor. This will help you make an accurate budget and give you an estimate on how long your concrete pool renovation will take.

Tip 2: Think “Simplicity” When Designing

If you have a very tight budget, you don’t want to get an overly complicated design. This will increase the cost of the project and the time it will take to complete. By keeping your design simple, you can keep your budget in check and mitigate your expectations. A well-done project with a simple finish is timeless and can be later improved upon easily.

Tip 3: Limit Your Excess Material Costs

Getting your concrete pool renovation completed will be a lot cheaper if you focus on simple resurfacing. Choosing to add tiles, yard scaping, or deck building will exponentially increase your costs. Keeping your concrete pool renovation small will help you stay on budget.

Tip 4: Minimize Your Renovations for Now

Certain costs are going to be unavoidable, but if you want to limit your project cost, think about keeping your renovation to the pool only. This doesn’t mean you can’t add in that deck you’ve always wanted, but save that update until next season, and don’t do both projects together.

Tip 5: Get a Builder You can Rely On

When you get your concrete pool renovation plans going, you want to hire the best contractor to get the job done. This means finding somebody reliable who has a lot of satisfied customers in their portfolio and can work within your budget.

If you’re in Perth, hire the concrete pool renovation experts at Perth Pool Co. when you have a pool that needs a little help getting back to its prime.

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