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Filling Station

A garage is usually messy with lousy lighting, with items you don’t keep inside the house anymore. How about giving it a makeover and creating a hip place to hang out, one you’d be proud to show off?

Part of the makeover would be the decorations. Decide on the atmosphere of the space and add some stylish wall art. Although this is not usually a priority when thinking of the garage, some great options like signage could give the space a welcoming feel.

Signs can pay tribute, create an ambiance, provide entertainment, and make a space livelier by just hanging them on the wall. Here are some cool signage ideas to spruce up the garage:

  1. Brand-Named Banners

Everyone has that one brand they are entirely in love with, and this has never been truer when it comes to cars.

Proper American muscle could be a good description for a Chevrolet. A great car like that deserves a spot on the wall in any garage, so get Chevrolet signs here to pay tribute to these old favorites. A spin on his and hers décor would be to make one half of the garage his car brand while the other half is decorated with her car’s make.

Another good option for a garage would be to turn it into a personal gas station. Signage similar to well-known gas station brands is available to round off the perfect look. The garage items on the shelves could also be labeled with mini signs to make them neat.

  1. Back In Time

Add vintage signs from days gone by that everyone would recognize. Many signboards are available, with designs of old gas stations, pinup girls, and dive bars but with a modern look.

Older items demand respect as a gentleman would demand in his home or a garage, for that matter. Old doesn’t mean there is less spark; it could be quite the opposite. Make visitors feel like they stepped into a time machine when they look at the garage by adding older-looking signage to the walls.

Recreate a favorite hangout spot in a new space—the garage. Everyone will appreciate the vintage-looking interior, and these items could even spark some interesting conversation.

  1. Retro Modern

Take an old concept and give it a modern twist. Signs and signals could accentuate more up-to-date features like LED lighting and fancy trinkets hung alongside them on the wall.

Some more modern signs could incorporate little flashing LED lights, colored lighting, or small spotlights that focus on the hanging wall art. Neon paint and blacklights could also add an interesting stand-out feature to the space.

Give the garage a makeover and add some signage. Having the right signs on the wall could transform the space into a retro-chic, modernized haven for all to enjoy.

  1. Cheeky Slogans

Cheeky Slogans

A bit of tongue-in-cheek humor or even some naughty boy mischief could spice up the space in an instant.

From a tamer ‘My Garage, My Rules’ to a cheekier version like ‘Don’t Touch My Tools,’ these signs make for a fun-loving man cave with even more personality. Add a bit of bad boy to the garage with signs like ‘Fill Her Up’ underneath a pinup model or warnings for friends and family to ‘Move It Or Lose It.’

The cheeky nature of these signs could be a perfect gift for someone planning to revamp a garage. Take a characteristic from the birthday boy (or girl) that everyone will agree with and turn it into a sign.

  1. Custom Labels

Personalized signs could bring more of the person’s characteristics to the garage. By labeling your space as your own, you make it feel more like home.

Going to Fred’s Garage to fix a problem with the car, looking in Daniels’ Den for the right tool, or hanging out in Julio’s Hideout would provide a more intimate setting that everyone could relate to.

Custom signs could also include those showing where tools and equipment are stored, which way to go when exiting, or the name of a small business run from home. The possibilities are endless, and finding a local signage specialist who can make these signs could guide anyone to the best option for their space.

Make friends feel like family by adding personalized items and custom labels to your garage.


Check in to a comfortable and exciting space full of personality by adding various signs to the garage walls. Create riveting focus points with cheeky appeal and be the talk of the town.

Personalizing a space would not be complete if you don’t leave your mark, so find a sign that screams your name and doll up those garage walls.

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