5 Cozy Bedroom Decorating Ideas This Winter


Winter is coming! With the holiday season in its final chapter of the year, it is time to start winterizing the home. You may already have plans to winterize the main living areas in your home and even your car. However, what is the plan for your bedroom? Here are five decorating ideas that will help to keep your bedroom comfortable, classy and cozy throughout the winter season:

Embrace The Dark Side Of Hues

Bedroom Lighting
You may keep your home bright and light during the spring and summer to blend in with the sunny and light weather. However, during the winter months, there is no reason why you should not go dark. Relying on patterns based on darker hues and prints can pay off as the year ends and another begins, according to Harper’s Bazaar. For example, think about the duvets, pillowcases and sheet sets you will be using. The darker color patterns and tones can draw favorable attention to your bed and add style an extra comfort.

Shine A Little Light In Your Bedroom

Light In Your Bedroom
The key is to make sure that you do not overwhelm your bedroom with the darker tones. Find creative ways to accentuate this space with clever clips of color. It is recommended to apply the standard 3-color palette to your bedroom décor for the winter season.

For instance, the first color you should consider is the one that cannot be changed – such as the color of the cabinetry, drawers or even the color of your existing appliances. The second color of this palette would be a neutral color that you can use to complete the unchangeable color – such as the backdrop or backsplash. The third color is perhaps the most important because it is the one responsible for breathing life and light into your décor. Make a statement by using that third color for the accents of your bedroom – including wall decorations, chests, vases, stools or even your duvet.

Add Natural Light With Reflective Surfaces

Natural Light With Reflective Surfaces For Bedroom
Another side effect of the winter season is longer nights and shorter days, which means you must maximize the natural light in your home while it is still there. Harness the power of reflective surfaces by hanging a nice-sized mirror on the wall, above or opposite the bed. Focus on the location and placement of any mirrors that you add, because the objective is to spread the light as evenly as possible throughout the bedroom. You could even use the three-color palette to enhance its appeal by using the third color to paint the mirror frame.

Use White To Make Your Winter Wonderland

Color Theme Of Winter
White snow. White Christmas. It seems as if white is the color theme of winter in more ways than the average person may realize. It may be poor taste to wear white after Labor Day to most people, but that does not mean your bedroom cannot wear it well during the winter months. Perhaps you can put your white bed stand on display against a darker-hue backdrop. It is the perfect time to pull out any white flower vases, condiment containers or even white decorations to strategically place throughout the bedroom to bring the coziness and comfort of winter into your room. Remember the value of moderation, though, because you should never overdo it.

Add Comfort To Your Feet With Rugs

Add Comfort To Your Feet With Rugs
According to Better Homes & Garden, you should also make sure that your feet are comfortable during the winter season. A cold bedroom floor may be the last place you want to place your bare feet during the coldest time of the year. That is where a cozy rug or stylish floor mats can come in handy. It is recommended to coordinate the color of any floor decorations in your bedroom with what is placed in the living room. Doing so will add texture and warmth without ruining your overall home décor.

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