5 Current Shower Trends


Digital Shower

Renovating and redesigning your home gives the glamour it so badly needs. Our homes are our safe havens, and we want them to be comfortable and pleasing to live in. When the decision comes to renovate your home while on a budget, you may want to start with the places in your home that you use most frequently, that includes the bathroom. Having a well-designed bathroom can give you the motivation you need to clean up and linger longer in the shower after those long and exhaustive workdays.

Before you get to designing, the single most crucial aspect of your bathroom is the shower drain. A quality shower drain is what will determine the cleanness, hygiene, and safety of your bathroom. Some important factors to consider when choosing a shower drain for your bathroom include the drainage capacity, ease of cleaning, and the warranty period. If you have your drain in order, below are the latest designs you can consider for your bathroom.

  1. Open Showers

Walk In Showers

Most modern showers do not have doors attached to their shower cabins. While this may seem like an irrational decision, the modern open designs are solid enough to keep water away from the rest of the bathroom. The shower only needs to be in the right corner. Not only is an open shower a hot trend, but it is also suitable for your pocket, helping you save costs and avoid the hassle of maintenance. When the bathroom space is limited, walk-in-showers are your best bet, and they also make the bathroom space look more sophisticated.

  1. Glass Stalls

Creatively Designed Showerhead

When you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom to experiment with designs, think glass stalls. Not only do they occupy less space enabling them to fit in the tiniest of spaces, but you can also plan them at the corner of your bathroom. Glass always has a way of making your bathroom look stylish and classy. You can accessorize the glass stall by adding a creatively designed showerhead.

  1. Unique Shower Tiles

Unique Shower Tiles

Forget about the common tiles and go for sophisticated designs for your shower tiles. Tiles made of ceramic and graphite make for beautiful showers. For glass showers, graphite tiles are most popular as their beautiful designs will be visible from the outside.

  1. Horizontal Shower

Horizontal Shower

If you have lazy feet in the morning or at any time of day when you take a shower, horizontal showers are made for you. You can take a shower while lying in your front or back. A horizontal shower consists of jets from where soft waterfalls, making your bath feel like a massage.

  1. Digital Shower

Digital Shower

A digital shower gives you control at the touch of a button, even from a smartphone. With a digital shower, you get to enjoy a personalized shower at your perfect temperature.

Do not underestimate the importance of the appearance of your shower. Make your shower look tasteful and enjoy spending time therein by incorporating the above designs. Furthermore, you do have to use it daily.

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