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While décor rules give you a framework to design your home, there are times when you should break away. Check out some of these which should be broken.

Subverting and breaking away from the age-old norms can seem like a mountainous task. It is particularly true for the design world. However, rules are meant to be broken.

Be brave and break those design rules that curb you from expressing your style. At the very least, you may have a design you completely love but can’t find at the homes of friends or colleagues. The trick is to trust and train your instincts. In this blog, we will talk about five décor rules you need to break immediately.

Rule 1: Walls And Floors Should Never Look The Same

Most interior designers believe that the color of the wall and floor should never match. Well, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter. For instance, you can paint them the same mid-grey color. However, if you want to have a subtle difference between the two, give your wall matte finishing and floor a slight sheen. The key is to try something unique.

Rule 2: Your Dining Furniture Must Match

For years, timid designers kept playing it safe with dining furniture designs. However, their low-risk approach soon became a rule, and people have since ensured to follow them blindly.

Let’s clear it once and for all: your dining furniture shouldn’t necessarily match. Yes. You read it right. When choosing the dining furniture, you have the freedom to be innovative. For starters, you can look for a distinctively designed set of chairs. Alternatively, you can go with multi-colored chairs. It can give your dining table an understated yet unique vibe.

Rule 3: Avoid Blending Too Many Patterns

One, probably two patterns max – that’s the décor rule. Well, it’s time to take a step back and return to the traditional prints. Instead, design styles with dimensional pattern mixing are the way to go.

Not long before, designers revered certain patterns as tacky and obnoxious. However, the tide is changing in favor of bolder and multi-layered prints. If you want the motivation to break away from this rule, check out the work of top designers. They love playing around with traditional block prints with graphic checks.

Rule 4: Sofa Must Be Neutral

What should be the color of your sofa? Some suggest that when selecting the color for your sofa, play it safe and choose a neutral option. But, if you are not averse to trying out new things, spice up your sofa with colorful possibilities.

Of course, it might cost a bit more than usual, but why limit yourself to something that will stay with you for at least a few years? Why settle for a bland option when you have an assortment of colors to choose from? It also applies to cushions because they can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your sofa. Push the envelope and show a willingness to clash patterns.

Rule 5: Skirting Boards Must Have A Lighter Shade Than Walls

Stop listening to designers who pressurize you into succumbing to age-old design norms. Skirting boards and walls can have the same shade. Together, they blend perfectly with one another.

However, we need to make a confession. You shouldn’t break the rules to make a point. For instance, not every skirting board across the home should resemble the color of connecting wall. But, you can join other spaces of your home like hallways and landings with a similar shade.


Although the list doesn’t stop here, we hope you understand this blog’s purpose. As we already discussed, some rules are meant to be broken. So whether it is your bedroom walls, sofa, curtains, or window patterns, don’t shy away from sprinkling your style in them. Breaking such décor rules will go a long way in giving a personalized touch to your home.

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