5 Design Measures To Keep Your Home Safe From Fire


Fire can destroy your resident in a matter of minutes. It is one of the most devastating natural disasters in existence. No matter how hard you try, there is no guarantee that your home will be safe from fire.

If you are affected by fire, you should call in a professional like this Texas fire damage restoration company. However, that doesn’t mean that you must be silently resigned to its destruction. There are many things you can do when designing or renovating your house to keep both your home and your loved ones safe.

Check out these Fire and smoke restoration services related tips to make sure that you protect your home as much as possible against the damaging effects of fire.

  1. Build With Fire-Resistant Materials

Fire-Resistant Materials

Make sure that the materials you are choosing for various structures are fire-resistant. One of the most critical aspects of your house to keep safe from fire is your roof. Many fires start because embers blow onto the roofs of adjacent homes and cause them to catch on fire as well.

  1. Ensure Clear Emergency Exit Routes

Emergency Exit Routes

If you design your home with an open floor plan and many exits, then in the event of a fire, your loved ones are much more likely to be able to escape quickly without harm. For example, if your home has two stories, consider installing a ladder from the second-story window. This precaution will ensure there is always a quick escape route from anywhere in the house.

  1. Install A Fully Functioning Fire Alarm System

Fully Functioning Fire Alarm System

Place your fire alarms so that you can reach them quickly and that you always change the batteries promptly. For example, if you want to have high ceilings in your home, consider planning to place smoke detectors on significant portions of the wall rather than on the ceiling if it is significantly out of reach. Always having working smoke detectors is one of the best ways to ensure your family is alerted immediately in the case of a house fire.

  1. Keep A Fire Extinguisher In An Easily Accessible Location

Easily Accessible Location

While fire extinguishers may not be the most fashionable piece of décor, they could save your family’s lives. Consider using decorative means to hide your fire extinguisher in plain sight so that it is easily accessible without ruining the aesthetics of your home. For example, you could consider a unique cabinet that blends into your home’s color scheme.

  1. Tailor And Maintain Your Landscape Design

Maintain Your Landscape Design For Fire

Many house fires start because of leaf litter and other natural debris catching fire too close to the home. First, design your landscape so that no trees hang over your roof. This technique will reduce the likelihood that you will collect on your roof and in your gutters and potentially start a fire. Additionally, rake all leaves in your yard and primarily ensure that they do not gather near your home.

In addition to doing all that you can to ensure your home is ready in the case of a fire, you should also make sure that your family knows what to do if the unthinkable strikes. Educate your kids to stop, drop, and roll techniques. Make sure everyone knows to check if a door is hot before opening it. Designate a neighbor’s house or another nearby safe place as the meetup spot if you get separated during the evacuation process.

These personal safety measures, coupled with the home safety tips above, will significantly reduce the likelihood you will have to deal with a house fire and increase the possibility that your family members will make it out unscathed.

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