5 Easy Renovations For A More Functional Bathroom


Bathrooms are a strange area of the home; they witness utter relaxation, manic levels of stress and help us with our most basic human needs. But while luxurious and technologically advanced bathrooms might be our ultimate goal, sometimes they just need to be more functional – especially if there’s not much space to begin with.

Here are 5 easy renovations you can make to get that more functional bathroom:

  1. Door-Mounted Towel Bar

Door Mounted Towel Bar
If space is a big issue, a door-mounted towel bar can be a surprising improvement. Just remember to get it fitted properly, as you don’t want it accidentally slamming into the wall and falling off!

  1. Corner Sink

Bathroom Lightning
Even a basic pedestal sink can make moving around a bathroom awkward and they’re often placed right in the middle of the room beside the toilet.

One simple redesign to free up space is to have it installed in the corner across from the toilet instead. This also helps prevent any annoyance when getting out of the shower.

Corner sinks are also more compact and arguably look nicer. Just make sure to keep it clean.

  1. Folding/Sliding Shower Door

Folding Shower Door
Sometimes a shower door that opens outwards just isn’t practical in smaller bathrooms, while a shower curtain can seem cheap. A happy medium is a folding shower door that collapses in on itself, greatly reducing the space needed beside the shower.

Even better is a sliding shower door, though you tend to need a bigger shower in the first place to accomplish this.

  1. Recessed Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet
All bathrooms need at least one cabinet, but things soon get awkward when it protrudes too far, is above the sink and also doubles as the mirror. You can find yourself too close to see properly or conversely, unable to bend forward into the sink fully.

One solution is to put it a few inches into the wall, rather than just hanging on the outside.

Now you’ll be able to clean your teeth without bashing elbows, banging heads or being unable to perfect your technique in the mirror.

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  1. Better Lighting

Bathroom Lighting
A bathroom is only as functional as your ability to see properly in it. Ventilation plays a role in this because steam and humidity can block vision, but decent lighting is also imperative. Too bright or too dull and you can’t see yourself clearly, while the wrong location means shadows and ugliness.

General illumination can be accomplished with central ceiling lighting, but wall-mounted lighting near the vanity/sink/mirror area makes all the difference.

There are many different designs and styles you can choose for your new or renovated bathroom, but the above tips will certainly improve functionality, save space and not necessarily break your bank balance.

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