5 Essentials to Make Your Home More Appealing

On April 9, 2015 by Kea Jones

Its important to make your home appealing to the eyes, not just for others to compliment you but also to make your home a place you love to be in. A well designed and decorated home can bring in a sense of content and happiness to its inmates, something that’s very important from the perspective of family-time, a rapidly fading aspect to life.

What’s more, more often than not, making your home more appealing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Little changes here and there can work the magic well enough. I have a few suggestions here, for those who want to increase the appeal of their home by without burning a hole in their pocket.

5 Essentials to Increase the Appeal of Your Home

  1. Color – Color has the ability to add instant charm and spice to an environment. Now that doesn’t necessarily imply that you’ll have to dish out a lump sum to get your entire house painted. A small pop of color such as painting your front entrance door in a bright color or getting a feature wall done could do the trick.


  1. Hardware – Changing hardware can also spruce up your home by significant levels. Consider changing your door handles or your home’s lighting hardware. However, you need to ensure that it compliments your interiors and doesn’t look out of place.


  1. Greenery – Adding greenery is always a great way to incorporate vibrance and charm to homes. Prime up your shrubs in the garden or simply arrange plant tubs in an asymmetrical design. You can even work up interiors using artistically trimmed plants.


  1. Lighting – Even an ordinary room can be made to look extraordinary by using lights. Consider swapping your traditional lighting arrangement with themed lights. Highlight spaces. For instance, combine lesser lights with sliding mirror doors for working up your homes. Or, installing lights under your kitchen worktop and bringing life into your kitchen space.


  1. Art – When well complied, art can make a home significantly appealing. Turn a wall in your hallway into a scrapbook with frames containing your favorite captures. Or, show off your collection of paintings instead. Or, getting a specially designed sliding door made for your patio. Installing showpieces in rooms can help also be a good way to create a focal point in the room, and thus adding appeal to your home.


The key to making your home more appealing lies in picking aspects or sections of your home and then finding small aspects, changing which, the appeal of that section can be enhanced.

What would you suggest to increase the appeal of homes without a major makeover? Share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comments below.

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